album: "The Supreme Force Of Eternity" (1998)

At The Horizon's End
The Black Wall
When Death Is The Key
For You, My Death
Curse Of The Dark Rune
Nocturnal Creation
The Supreme Force
Sign Of Eternity (Pt. II)

album: "Enter The Realm Of Death" (1999)

Hymn Of Darkness (Intro)
Enter The Realm Of Death
Longing For Hades
Dwellers Beyond Obscurity
Abyss Of Desolation
Beyond (The Horizons End...)
Dethrone The Flesh
The Portal Of Doom
Dreamvoid Serpent
The Call Of The Tombs
Lightworld Damnation
Dark Necroshadows
The Malicious Paradise

album: "Resurrection In Blood" (2000)

Resurrection Of The Dark Lord
Reborn In Necromancy
Death Collector
Dark Dead Earth
Lord Of The Grave
Choir Of Hades
Resurrection In Blood
Hall Death
Dominion Of The Necrogods
The Gates Of Hades
Return Of The Reaper
Celebration Of Death

album: "Requiem Of The Apocalypse" (2002)

Preludium (Intro)
Temple Of Skin
Beyond Life
On Chariots To Hades
Dawn Of The Lava Aeon
One Road To Megiddo
Bells Of Death
Funeral Caravan
Fields Of No Life
Memorandum Melancholia
The Secret Alliance
Requiem Of The Apocalypse
Landscape Of Souls (Outro)

album: "Darkness Death Doom" (2003)

Intro - CDXLIV
Ancient Incantations
Eyes Of Kali
The Venom
Darken Thy Flesh
Eternal Dark
Darkness Death Doom
Outro - 444

album: "On Funeral Wings" (2004)

Monolithic Death
Rise Of The Second Moon
On Funeral Wings
Dragon Of Doom
Ocean Demon
Emperor Of The Underworld
Trifid Nebula
The Doomsday Scythe
Riders Of The Endtime
In A Darkened Tomb
Black Star Abyss
Wizard With The Magick Runes

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