album: "...And The Flame Will Take The Temples Of Christ" (1996)

Ave Satanas!


album: "The Queen Of The Elves' Land" (1998)

/The Queen Of The Elves' Land
1/Ode #1
/Asbbat Of Witchcraft
2/Ode #2
/I Damned You Holy One!
3/Ode #3
/Son Of Astral Pyre
4/Ode #4
/Hymn Of War
5/Ode #5
/Mistress Of Dreams

album: "Heidenlrm" (2001)

Lover Of The Night (The Beloved Of The Night)
Russian Traditional Song (XV-XVI Centuries)
In The Flame Of Sabbath (The Final Battle)
Russian Traditional Ballad (XVI Century)
Satarial (The Ice Castle)
Satarial Untradition Ballad (XXI Century)
Do Not Baptize My Land
Russian Traditional Ballad (XVI century)
The Cup Of Heady Pain (Dead Cities' Children)
Russian Traditional Song (XI century)
Divine Race

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