album: "Demo" (1990)

Carnival Of Souls
The Wall Of Life
Silent Vision
When The Cat Came Home
The Revelation

album: "Saviour Machine II" (1994)

Saviour Machine I
The Gates
Enter The Idol
The Hunger Circle
Child In Silence
Ascension Of Heroes
The Stand
American Babylon
Love Never Dies
Saviour Machine II

album: "Saviour Machine" (1995)

Carnival Of Souls
Force Of The Entity
Ludicrous Smiles
The Wicked Window
Son Of The Rain
The Widow And The Bride
Christians And Lunatics
The Mask
A World Alone
Jesus Christ

album: "Legend Part I" (1997)

A Prophecy
I Am
Legend I:I
The Lamb
The Eyes Of The Storm
The Birth Pangs
The Woman
The Night
The Sword Of Islam
Gog: The Kings Of The North
The Invasion Of Israel
World War III - The Final Conflict I
Ten - The Empire
Legend I:II
The Beast
Antichrist I

album: "Legend Part II" (1998)

The Covenant
The Whore Of Babylon
Legend II:I
The False Prophet
Mark Of THe Beast
Antichrist II - Th Balance Of Power
World War III - The Final Conflict II
Behold A Pale Horse
The Martyrs Cry
The Promise
The Sixth Seal
Legend II:II
The Holy Spirit
The Bride Of Christ
Rapture: The Seventh Seal
War In Heaven - The Second Fall

album: "Behold A Pale Horse" (1998 SINGLE)

Behold A Pale Horse (Album Mix)
Behold A Pale Horse (Ego Mix - Bruno Kramm)
Behold A Pale Horse (Classical Mix)
New World Order

album: "Legend Part III" (2001)

Twelve-Hundred-Sixty Days
Revelation 13
Legend III:I
The Ancient Serpent
Abomination Of Desolation
Image Of The Beast
Antichrist III: The King Of Babylon
The Final Holocaust
Two Witnesses
Three Angels
Four Trumpets
The Locusts
The Sixth Judgement
The Dead Sea
Rivers Of Blood
The Plague And The Darkness
The Fall Of Babylon
The End Of The Age

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