album: "By Fire, Power Shall Be..." (1997 MCD)

Until The End
The Forest Of The Damned (Forever Lost)
The Chimerical Quest

album: "Les Blessures De l'Ame" (1998)

La Quintessence Du Mal
Hymne Au Vampire (Acte I)
Hymne Au Vampire (Acte II) ...Vers Une Nouvelle Ere
Le Cercle De La Renaissance
Les Silences d'Outre-Tombe
Dans Les Yeux Du Serpent
...A La Memoire De Nos Freres

album: "L'Excellence" (2000)

Die Weihe
Let Me Be The Salt in Your Wound
Bastard Beast
Acid Christ
Corpus Et Anima
Legions Spirituelle Damnatrice
Leave this Planet

album: "Divine X" (2002)

Evil X
The Sons Of Seth
Walk On Fire With Me
Addicted To Psychotropic Angeldust
Cosmic Cursed's Shelter
Into The Spheres Of Spirituality
Satanik Generation
Divine X

album: "Era-Decay" (2004)

Marchemergence (Intro)
March Of The Consistory
Umbilical Cutting
Co-Existent Species
Xtasian Ostix
A Pallbearer's Gloom
The Blade Upon Mankind

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