album: "Nord..." (1996)

In The Still Of A Northern Fullmoon
Morkrets Tid
Over Det Blodtackta Nord
I Nattens Famn
For Dem Mitt Blod
I Skuggors Dunkla Sken

album: "Lords Of The Nightrealm" (1997)

Satan's Realm
Shades Over Universe
Into Everlasting Fire
Summon The Lord With Horns
Diabolus Enim
Enthroned In Dusk And Shadows
Through Sombre Times
Lords Of The Nightrealm

album: "Hell Eternal" (1999)

Toward Thy Realm
Shadows Of The Throne
Hell Eternal
The Aeschma Deava
The Sign Of Wrath Awaked
The Nighttrealm
Guardians Of The Gates Of Flames

album: "From The Ancient Ruins" (2003)

Among The Flames
The Ancient Ruins
The Beyond
A Hail To The Faceless Angels
The Reborn Darkness
As A Shadow
The Ancient Sphere
My Veins Are Open

album: "Endtime Divine" (2003)

Crimson Manifestation
The Underworld
...Of Suicide
Entity Of Night
The Night Of All Nights
Endtime Divine

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