album: "Cross The Styx" (1992)

Carnificina Scelesta
Perennial Mourning
Sacramental Carnage
Spiritual Immolation
Cross The Styx
Compulsory Resignation
Corridors To The Abyss
Putrefying Remains
Epoch Of Denial
Perpetual Damnation

album: "Diabolical Summoning" (1993)

Sadistic Intent
Magnified Wrath
Diabolical Summoning
Sense Of Demise
Desecrated Flesh
Tribes Of The Moon
Mystical Illusions

album: "Hate" (1995)

Awaiting The Absu
Embodiment Of Chaos
Art Of The Damned
Unseen Darknees
18th Century Hellfire
To Mega Therion
The Cursed Mayhem
The Bloodfeast

album: "Bastard Saints" (1996 MCD)

Reborn From Hatred
Bastard Saints
Rebels Dome
Cross The Styx
Epoch Of Denial

album: "Aggressive Measures" (1998)

The Upcoming
Aggressive Measures
Beyond The superstition
Into The Forgotten
Enslave The Weak
Fake Redemption
Chained In Reality
Emerged With Hate
Blood Follows The Blood

album: "Creative Killings" (2001)

Relic Of Possession
Bleeding Towards The Wendigo
Creative Killings
Judicious Murder
Reviving The Dead
Early Gothic Horror
Moralistic Suffering
Altering The Beast
Season Of The Wicked
Storm In My Mind

album: "Savage Or Grace" (2003)

Rise Of The Predator
Savage Or Grace
Barbaric Order
The Age Of Murder
Conception Of Sin
Chapel Desecration
Collapse Rewind
Apocalypse In Time

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