album: "Sopor Aeternus" (1993)

Birth - Fiendish Figuration
Tanz Der Grausamkeit
Time Stand Still
Do You Know My Name?

album: "Todeswunsch" (1995)

Flesh Crucifix
Die Bruderschaft Des Schmerzes
Shadowsphere (II)
Saltatio Crudelitatis (Der Tanz Der Grausamkeit)
Soror Sui Excidium
The Devil's Instrument
Drama Der Geschlechtslosigkeit
Somnambulist's Secret Bardo-Life
Not Dead But Dying
Only The Dead In The Mist
This Profane Finality
Cage Within A Cage...

album: "Ehieh Ascher Ehieh" (1995)

Anima (I & II)
Shadowsphere (II)
Saltatio Crudelitatis (E Tanz Der Grausamkeit)

album: "The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller" (1997)

To A Loyal Friend
The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller
Memories Are Haunted Places
May I Kiss Your Wound?

album: "Voyager - The Jugglers of Jusa" (1997)

The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller: A Fragment (2)
Ein Freundliches Wort Hat Meine Seele Berührt (Defined & Fragile)
Memalon (2)
Alone (- The Innocence Of Devils) 1
Modela Est
Feralia Gentiatalia (Arrival Of The Jugglers)
Saturn-Impressionen (Jusa, Jusa)
May I Kiss Your Wound? (Saturn : Orion)
Alone (- The Innocence Of Devils) 2
The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller: A Fragment

album: "Ich Töte Mich Jedesmal Aufs Neue..." (1999)

Travel on Breath (The Breath Of The World)
Falling Into Different Flesh
Birth-Fiendish Figuration
Tanz Der Grausamkeit
Im Garten Des Nichts (A Secret Light In The Garden Of My Void)
Time Stands Still... (...But Stops For No-One)
Do you know my Name? (Falling ...- reprise)
Penance & Pain
Holy Water Moonlight
Beautiful Thorn
The Feast of Blood
Dark Delight(s)
Birth-Fiendish Figuration (Demo Version)

album: "Dead Lovers' Sarabande - Face One" (1999)

Across The Bridge
On Satur(n)days We Used To Sleep
Hades "Pluton"
Sieh', Mein Geliebter, Hier Hab' Ich Gift
Ich Wollte Hianus In Den Garten
Gebt: An Die Glìcklichen Eroberer
Lament / Totenklage
The Sleeper
Die Knochenblume
Inschrift / Epitaph
All Good Things Are Eleven

album: "Dead Lovers' Sarabande - Face Two" (1999)

The Dog Burial
The House Is Empty Now
No-one Is There
Procession / Funeral March
Va(r)nitas, Vanitas... (...Omnia Vanitas)
The Hourglass
Has He Come To Test Me?
If Loneliness Was All

album: "Songs From The Inverted Womb" (2000)

Something Wicked This Way Comes...
Tales From The Inverted Womb
Do You Know About The Water Of Life?
...And Bringer Of Sadness
Totes Kind / Little Dead Boy
May I Kiss Your Wound?
Saturn Devouring His Children
There Was A Country By The Sea
Little Velveteen Knight

album: "Es Reiten Die Toten So Schnell" (2003)

Omen Sinistrum
Dead Souls
Stake Of My Soul
Beautiful Thorn
The Feast Of Blood
Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est
The Dreadful Mirror
Birth - Fiendish Figuration
Penance & Pain
Holy Water Moonlight
Über Den Fluss
Dark Delight

album: "La Chambre D'Echo" (2004)

The Encoded Cloister
Backbone Practise
Idleness & Consequence
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
Hearse-shaped Basins Of Darkest Matter
Interlude - The Quiet Earth
We Have A Dog To Exercise
The Lion's Promise
Leeches & Deception
The Skeletal Garden
Feed The Birds
Consolatrix Has Left The Building
Day Of The Dead

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