album: "Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be" (1998 MCD)

Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be
Sir Lorial (Demo Version)
War (The Supreme Art)

album: "Supreme Art Of War" (1999)

Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be
A Descent Into The Kingdom Of The Shades
Sir Lorial
Age Of The Dragon
War (The Supreme Art)
Immortal Heroes
Of Steel And Ancient Might

album: "At The Gates Of Utopia" (2001)

Under The Samnites' Spears
I Am Legend
Xanadu (A Vision In A Dream)
...And Winter Was
At The Gates Of Utopia
The Curse Of Medusa
The Burning Hope
A Sight Inwards
The Secrets Of The Earth

album: "The Gorgon Cult" (2004)

The Torchbearer
Dance Of Hecate
Under The Boards
The Oath Of The Legion
The Gordon Cult
Memories Of Lemuria
Medusa's Coil

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