album: "The Storyteller" (2000)

And The Legend Begins
Guardians Of Kail
Always Be There
Sense Of Steel
Power Within
Book Of Mystery
Like A Wind
A Test Of Endurance And Strenght
Chant Of The Thieves
The Storyteller
Chant Of The Thieves Demo Version '95

album: "Crossroad" (2002)

And The Legend Continues
The Unknown
The Secret's Revealed
The Eye Of The Storm
A Passage Through The Mountain
Loss Of A Friend
Kingdom Above
The Moment Of Truth

album: "Tales Of A Holy Quest" (2003)

Voices From The Past
Seed Of Lies
A Holy Quest
Words Out Of Breed
Chamber Of Torture
The Mass
Blinded Eyes
When All Hope Has Faded
Trails Of Blood
...And Still They Speak

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