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Welcome to our big search index of heavy metal tablatures. Here you can find links to guitar tabs, bass tabs and drum tablatures for over 9000 different metal songs, so everyone should be able to find the tabs he's searching for here!
The metal tabs database is ordered by band and alphabet. Please select a letter from the menu at the top of the page to start searching for guitar or bass metal tabs of the band of your choice.

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Newest Metal Tablatures

A list of the newest heavy metal tablatures that were added to our search index.

12 Stones ,alt metal
A Perfect Circle ,alt metal
A Static Lullaby ,hardcore
AC DC ,metal
Adema ,alt metal
Alice Cooper ,metal
Alien Ant Farm ,crossover
All Out War ,hardcore
Amen ,metalcore
American Headcharge ,industrial
Amorphis ,death metal
Angra ,progressive
Anthrax ,metal
Apartment 26 ,metal
Apex Theory ,alt metal
Arch Enemy ,death metal
Armor For Sleep ,alt metal
As I Lay Dying ,hardcore
Asphyx ,black metal
At The Drive-In ,metal
At The Gates ,death metal
Atomship ,alt metal
Atreyu ,metalcore
Audioslave ,alt metal
Audiovent ,alt metal
Avenged Sevenfold ,hardcore
Beautiful Creatures ,metal
Behemoth ,death metal
Black Dahlia Murder, The ,death metal
Black Label Society ,metal
Black Sabbath ,metal
Bleeding Through ,hardcore
Blind Guardian ,power metal
Bobaflex ,alt metal
Breaking Benjamin ,alt metal
Bury Your Dead ,hardcore
Burzum ,black metal
Cage ,metal
Caliban ,metalcore
Candlemass ,doom
Cannibal Corpse ,death metal
Carcass ,grindcore
Cathedral ,metal
Celtic Frost ,death metal
Chevelle ,alt metal
Children Of Bodom ,black metal
Chimaira ,metal
CKY ,metal
Coal Chamber ,metal
Cold ,alt metal
Converge ,metalcore
Corporate Avenger ,rapcore
Corrosion Of Conformity ,metal
Cradle Of Filth ,black metal
Crazy Town ,crossover
Crematorium ,metal
Crossfade ,alt metal
Damageplan ,metalcore
Danzig ,metal
Dark New Day ,alt metal
Dark Tranquillity ,death metal
Darkest Hour ,metal
Darkness, The ,metal
Darwin's Waiting Room ,alt metal
Dead Poetic ,hardcore
Dead to Fall ,metalcore
Deadsy ,alt metal
Death ,death metal
Death Angel ,thrash
Default ,alt metal
Deftones ,alt metal
Destruction ,metalcore
Dillinger Escape Plan ,metalcore
Dimmu Borgir ,black metal
Dio ,metal
Dismal Euphony ,black metal
Dismember ,death metal
Disturbed ,metal
Dope ,industrial
Down ,metal
Dredg ,alt metal
Drowning Pool ,alt metal
Dry Kill Logic ,metalcore
Dying Fetus ,grindcore
Earshot ,alt metal
Earth Crisis ,hardcore
Eighteen Visions ,hardcore
Emperor ,black metal
Endo ,metalcore
Engine ,metal
Evanescence ,alt metal
Everytime I Die ,hardcore
Exodus ,metal
Eyehategod ,metalcore
Faith No More ,alt metal
Fear Factory ,metal
Fingereleven ,alt metal
Glassjaw ,hardcore
God Dethroned ,death metal
God Forbid ,metalcore
Godhead ,industrial
Godsmack ,alt metal
Goneblind ,metal
Gorerotted ,death metal
Gorgoroth ,black metal
Grade 8 ,metal
Guns N' Roses ,metal
GWAR ,metal
Hawthorne Heights ,hardcore
Headstrong ,alt metal
Helmet ,metal
Hoobastank ,crossover
Hopesfall ,hardcore
Iced Earth ,metal
Ill Nino ,metal
In Flames ,metalcore
Incaged ,metal
Incubus ,crossover
Insolence ,alt metal
Iron Maiden ,metal
Isis ,hardcore
It Dies Today ,hardcore
Jackyl ,metal
Judas Priest ,metal
Kataklysm ,death metal
Kid Rock ,rapcore
Killswitch Engage ,metalcore
King Diamond ,metal
King's X ,alt metal
Kiss ,metal
Kittie ,metal
Korn ,nu metal
Kreator ,metalcore
Lamb Of God ,metalcore
Lifer ,alt metal
Limp Bizkit ,rapcore
Linkin Park ,rapcore
Lost Soul ,death metal
Lostprophets ,alt metal
Loudermilk ,alt metal
Machine Head ,metal
Manowar ,metal
Marilyn Manson ,industrial
Masterplan ,metal
Mastodon ,metal
Mayhem ,black metal
Mercenary ,thrash
Meshuggah ,metalcore
Metal Church ,metal
Metallica ,metal
Methods Of Mayhem ,rapcore
Mindless Self Indulgence ,industrial
Ministry ,industrial
Minus ,hardcore
Mirage ,alt metal
Moonspell ,gothic
Morbid Angel ,death metal
Most Precious Blood ,hardcore
Motley Crue ,metal
Motograter ,metal
Motorhead ,metal
Mr. Bungle ,crossover
Mudvayne ,metalcore
Murderdolls ,metal
Mushroomhead ,alt metal
My Dying Bride ,doom
Napalm Death ,grindcore
Nickelback ,alt metal
Nightwish ,progressive
Nine Inch Nails ,industrial
Nonpoint ,alt metal
Nothingface ,metalcore
Novembers Doom ,thrash
Obituary ,death metal
Old Man's Child ,death metal
Onesidezero ,alt metal
Opeth ,death metal
Orgy ,industrial
Overkill ,metalcore
Ozzy Osbourne ,metal
Pacifier ,alt metal
Pantera ,metalcore
Papa Roach ,alt metal
Paradise Lost ,metal
Pitchshifter ,industrial
POD ,rapcore
Poison The Well ,hardcore
Possessed ,thrash
Powerman 5000 ,metal
Pressure4-5 ,alt metal
Primer 55 ,alt metal
Pro-Pain ,metalcore
Project 86 ,rapcore
Puddle Of Mudd ,alt metal
Pulkas ,metal
Puya ,alt metal
Queensryche ,alt metal
Ra ,metal
Rage Against The Machine ,alt metal
Rammstein ,industrial
Relative Ash ,alt metal
Requiem ,death metal
Reveille ,rapcore
Rhapsody ,power metal
Saliva ,alt metal
Samael ,black metal
Satyricon ,black metal
Seether ,alt metal
Sentenced ,death metal
Sepultura ,metal
Seven Channels ,alt metal
Sevendust ,alt metal
Shadows Fall ,metalcore
Shutdown ,hardcore
Sick of it All ,hardcore
Silverchair ,alt metal
Simon Says ,alt metal
Sinch ,alt metal
Six Feet Under ,death metal
Skillet ,alt metal
Skinlab ,metal
Slapshot ,hardcore
Slaves On Dope ,nu metal
Slayer ,thrash
Slipknot ,metalcore
Soilwork ,metalcore

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