Metalheads: What Band Encouraged You To Start Listening To Metal?

What was the first metal band that you listened to that really made you get into metal?

34 responses to “Metalheads: What Band Encouraged You To Start Listening To Metal?”

  1. the riddler says:

    Judas Priest in 1985. An old friend lended me a tape of their “Screaming for venageance ” album.
    and that did ti for me….

  2. Roxel says:

    darkest hour
    idfc wut u people think of that either
    darkest hour is amazing

  3. Warrior Guardian says:

    actually, i started out with MCR’s 3 cheers for sweet revenge.
    then, i was like, “there has to be more stuff than this”
    and then i found the really good stuff

  4. sambangs here, whos runnin hell? says:


  5. blah says:

    …i think it was metallica and a song i heard from caliban..

  6. •☀Bitter says:


  7. Spider says:

    Well, when I first listened to Cannibal Corpse, it gave me a huge surge of power. It felt good :)

  8. Wesley P says:

    In 1988 i first heard Blind Guardian through a cousin of mine (I was 7 years old) and been a fan ever since. Im glad I got into them instead of Metallica

  9. Gjallarh says:

    It was a couple compilation tapes I got. Had like Megadeth, Accept, Rush, Dio, Ozzy, and some others on them.

  10. ebola_pa says:

    Well, I grew up on Deep Purple but in ‘78 my dad brought me home a Black Sabbath LP and that was it…I was hooked.

  11. The Devil's Reject says:

    Black Sabbath and Zeppelin

  12. MetalBla says:

    system of down and tool

  13. epollock says:

    Deep Purple,Judas Priest,Black Sabbath

  14. ray dog says:


  15. elves_in says:

    Pantera in 95 it blew me away,I had no idea there was stuff that intense and powerful,I heard “A New Level” and was like “what the f*ck was that!?” I fell in love

  16. Another Day Another Vendetta says:

    Metallica back when I was in grade one.
    It was Iron Maiden when I recently re-discovered Metal.

  17. ? says:

    well when i was like 9
    my cousins were like listening to black sabbath,led zep,guns and roses,maryln mannsonyou know….bands from the 70’s and 80’ i was really into soo i listened to them and i thought they were so kick a** i started buying thier albums and i started like buying posters,shirts..etc…then i listened to SLAYER.omg OMG.he inspired me to be honset to pick up a guitar and play.i love him.i i was like whoaa,this type of music that really expresses how you feel
    so yeah,i am so thankful for my cousins becuase if not for them…then ahh!!who knows what i would be right now.i love metal now,it’s my so glad you asked this question because now i can tell you guys why i am so thankful that metal is in my life.

  18. 【ツ】 says:

    I’d have to say Def Leppard in the 70’s!!! They paved the way for all the 80/90’s giants: Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Ratt, Cinderella… too many to name

  19. revchik says:


  20. Tattooed White Trash says:

    I guess when I was about 10 I was listening to GN’R and Metallica. That’s where it all started for me.

  21. Socrates Johnson says:

    Judas Priest. They were a local band, so I gave ‘em a shot and was hooked. Nearly 30 years later… Looking forward to the new album and tour.

  22. Archimedes' screw says:

    Guns N’ Roses
    Motley Crue
    Def Leppard
    Skid Row
    Winger (laugh all you want, I love Kip!)
    … and Van “Roth era” Halen, , no one rocked the loudest as Van Halen back in the day!!!

  23. Pretty Woman says:

    SOAD , and metallica

  24. i love zoey. says:

    I saw the album cover for KISS Alive II and I was hooked.

  25. Chris W. says:

    probably growing up around all the 80’s hair metal my brother was listening to. my taste in music in heavily influence by my siblings and my parents….which is why i listen to and appreciate almost everything =]
    i cant remember it being one particular band though, more of the conglomerate of all the bands of that era.

  26. bored_** says:

    Guns N Roses.

  27. johnny85 says:

    I used to like poser punk… ( Simple Plan, GC, B182 ect) Then in grade 7 I went to my friends house and he put on some AC/DC. I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me and soon after I bought the Back In Black cd and all their other stuff and listened all the time. From them I progressed to Metallica, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. And from there I basically expanded to death metal and stuff.

  28. Rocco G says:

    motorhead or aild

  29. Your Fellow Stoner says:

    The three rock bands I remember hearing at an early age were Led Zepplin, and KISS, followed by Alice Cooper and Queen. I couldn’t say which came first though!

  30. Persephone! hates Trolls says:

    black sabbath and metallica

  31. myangels says:

    system of a down and iron maiden

  32. Dennis says:

    started with some New Wave Of American Heavy Metal bands

  33. metalbuddha3 says:

    oh man their is a ton…well the firsts ones I got into were:

    1. Metallica
    2. Megadeth
    3. Anthrax
    4. Judas Priest
    5. Iron Maiden
    6. White Zombie
    7. Disturbed
    8. Rage Against the Machine

    Then I really started looking around and found some other great metal acts:

    1. Saxon
    2. Angel Dust(German Power Metal Band)
    3. Helloween
    4. Gamma Ray
    5. Metal Church
    6. Chevelle

  34. justmetal says:

    personally ive been listening to metal for the past 16 years, basically since i was born,and love metal with a passion like no other. I got started on the early stuff- queen, kiss, OZZY,you know the good old stuff, but then i rediscovered metal in a new passion, what got me started again was- Killswitch Engage, Soilwork, Lamb Of God,and a favorite of mine FFDP (Five Finger Death Punch). Metal is more then just music to me, Its my life….

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