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Garage, Inc.

This double-disc, all-covers release could come to represent a vital turning point for Metallica. While disc 2 is a straightforward collection of every cover the group have recorded in its 16-year history, disc 1 comprises 11 new selections drawn from the oeuvres of such exciting and diverse artists as U.K. punks Discharge and nefarious Australian Nick Cave. The heavier songs, such as the Mercyful Fate medley, Black Sabbath’s “Sabbra Cadabra,” and the Misfits’ “Die Die My Darling,” (more…)

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  1. Fina says:

    The return of Metallica as I like to call. Yes the boys are not as hard and tough as they are used, but the material on both CD's is the best since 1991 the S & T efforts akaThe Black Album. The new songs, all non-originals, sound convincingly enough like Metallica wrote them. They play the songs written as if it separates the weak and lame cover album for those songs as if they were their own bands. Out of the Ripper, a new version of Bob Seger's turn the page, Lizzy's Whiskey In The Jar, Nick Lowe's Loverman, another Diamond Head tune It's Electric and BOC astronomy. The focus must be the Mercyful Fate medley, clocking in more than 10 min. It takes balls to do King Diamond, and James Crew and drag it from fantasticly. The determination of the side of the disc 1 is Tuesday's Gone, in acoustic form is good, but pale in comparison to the studio tracks. On disc 2, the band and includes B-sides from the beginning of their careers to Lemmy's 50th Birthday party bash are all here. The 9.98 EP Garage Days is here in its entirety, making it an essential purchase for those who do not already is. Other gems are pretty much all the rest of the songs as well, so what, Breadfan, Stone Cold Crazy and Killing Time. But at the heart of the 2nd CD is the Motorhead covers. Live, raw, energetic and with the sound Lemmymeister are amazingly awesome. Well, I've bored you enough, buy it if you have not already.

  2. Othello says:

    THE BAND: James Hetfield (lead vocals, guitar), Kirk Hammett (guitar), Jason Newsted (bass), Cliff Burton (bass on “Am I Evil” and “Blitzkrieg” only), Lars Ulrich (drums & percussion).
      DISC: (1998) 27 tracks clocking in a total of approximately 137 minutes (DVD-1 about 66 minutes, DVD-2 about 71 minutes). Included with the CD is a 28-page booklet containing song titles / credits, old Metallica and new band photos, album covers and / or tape pictures of artists, fall, and 20-pages of bio written by David Fricke (Managing Editor , Rolling Stone Magazine). Disc-1 recorded Sept / Oct 1998 in Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA. Disc-2 recorded at numerous locations from 1984-95. This is their 8th Album. Label – Elektra.
      REMARKS: All cover tunes. Brilliant idea. Metallica is a tribute to the bands they grew up and admired. Many of the songs they cover are just hard to find – and you can not find anywhere else but here. A few of my all-time favorite Metallica tracks are here … “Blitzkrieg”, “Stone Cold Crazy” and “Killing Time”. New classics from disc-1 contain “Sabbra Cadabra” (Black Sabbath), “Astronomy” (Blue Oyster Cult), “Tuesday's Gone” (Lynyrd Skynyrd), and “It's Electric” (Diamond Head). Two great covers of “Turn the Page” (Bob Seger) and “Whiskey In The Jar” (Thin Lizzy) were also excellent, but unfortunately destroyed by them over the radio. Other artists will be based on “Garage Inc.” are those listed above, as well as Danzig, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Killing Joke, Motörhead (4 Featured songs), Queen, Budgie (2 songs), Mercyful Fate (the Track “Mercyful Fate” is a medley of their songs – “Satan's Fall”, “Curse of the Pharaohs”, “A Corpse Without Soul,” “Into The Coven”, “Evil” … in more than 11 minutes, it is the longest Metallica song ever), etc. “Garage Inc”. successful in the charts – reached # 2 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart for 1998, singles “Turn the Page” (# 1 on the Mainstream Rock chart), “Whiskey In The Jar” (# 4 — won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance), and “Die, Die My Darling” (# 26). This version – a good idea. Much music. Great songs (some more than others classic) played by one of the best metal bands der'80 's/90' s. Something for old / new fans alike with a lot of thrash and heavy metal mainstream. Great sound production. Awesome series of CDs / DVDs (5 stars).

  3. Tuyen says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Garage INC.
    Metallica’s Garage INC.
    was a good album. Its a good album because you really get to hear Metallica sing songs they normally would not perform.

  4. Fifi says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    FYI : If you are purchasing this as an MP3 Download, be aware you are buying the censored version. Not sure why Amazon wouldn’t specifically state somewhere that this is the…

  5. Vidal says:

    2.0 out of 5 stars
    a 2 is better than a 1
    When I found out Metallica was doing an album of cover songs years ago, I was skeptical right away. How can a thrash metal/speed metal band make it believable and create versions…

  6. Huey says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good but disjointed
    I really, really wanted to give this a positive review, but I can’t. Individually, the songs on here are fantastic, especially the cover of Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page” and…

  7. Annabelle says:

    Many of these reviews are obviously biased to one of the two CD's as a favorite. I would say that I have a huge Metallica fan since the beginning (and with most of you have lost faith with the Load / Reload …) and I think that both wheels are usually their own terms. I have the CD set, because originally I wanted a digital copy of the EP (my vinyl shows wear). All these titles are classics from Metallica. The prince is a blistering hard-core Metallica tracks always in the solo's. They do not make EM more like … It took me several months before I even tried CD / DVD, which is now such a popular disc two. Hetfield disc really shows incredible vocal power and range that is not so obvious to some, according to the order. While Disc 2 is an incredible adrenaline a la early Metallica, Disc 1 is with you long after listening, if you have him a chance … (My Faves: whiskey, Astronomy, The The and The My Darling Loverman).

  8. Nubia says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Hard and fast and aggressive covers I like this album better than their early thrash albums like “Kill ‘em all” and “Ride the lightning”. “Garage Inc.

  9. Hajra says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Metallica’s Idol
    I thought that this was a great buy especially considering it gave me a better idea of where one of the greatest bands drew its inspiration.

  10. Batu says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Side 2 of the Second record in this 3 LP album doesn’t play right. James Hetfield sounds like one of the Chipmunks and the band plays so fast it sounds like they’re on Speed…

  11. 3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good album but be warned it’s NOT explicit
    Warning! This album is falsely labeled as explicit. The F word on “Am I Evil” is beeped out. It’s an annoying censor of one of the best parts of the song.

  12. Kevork says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    A tale of two discs
    What a great package this represents for the hardcore fan and the more casual fan alike. But regardless it is also very much a tale of two very different disks.

  13. Zahra says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Better than St. Anger, and one I play a lot surprisingly….
    This is a pretty damn good album. I like many of the covers here, and this album is actually better than the misguided St. Anger.

  14. Ruud Muijsers says:

    This is a good album. Long ago I had the garage days revisited (and re-revisited) on tape and i´m glad to have it on vinyl now. With the “98″-songs and mötorhead-covers as an addition, this is a very nice 3 (!) LP Set.

    One problem: Side 2 of Record 2 plays at double speed on 33tpm. So you´ll need a 16.7tpm player to play this side well.

    Question: Is this a problem for all these albums, or is it a misprint?

    Ruud from The Netherlands

  15. Mads says:

    I also have the Garage Inc. album. I have the same problem as Ruud Muijsers… I guess it must be a misprint… I once talked with a very nerdy guy in a record-shop – he told me that sometimes (hopefully not very often) a hole impression can be misprinted because of very old equipment/tecnique when the records are made – some prints are made in Czech Republic or Poland with this old equipment and therefore misprints will occur more often. I also had a misprint of a Beatles album (Anthology 3) – record one, side one and record three, side one played the same music!

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