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essential recording
Called “the Black Album” by many (due to its monochrome cover), Metallica marks the group’s entrance into the mainstream, with shorter songs, simpler song structures, and slower tempos overall. That said, this is an excellent album, featuring some of the best songwriting Metallica has ever done. “Enter Sandman,” “Wherever I May Roam,” and “God That Failed,” despite being slower and more groove-oriented than the band’s earlier work, feature the same heavy riffs a (more…)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The legendary black album is considered by many to be the greatest cd ever made by Metallica
    . Every aspect of the album is well done from lyrics, to the way the band plays and of…

  2. Cwen says:

    Here we have a breakthrough album, Metallica, the Black Album. This is what Metallica into the mainstream, and it is indeed a masterpeice. Every song on this, is a classic. The talent is there. The production is crystal clear. Everything about this album is epic. Many people complain that all this a little too mainstream, but I do not. I think the guys are in top performance, just because it is a little more accessible, does not mean that the talent is gone. Kirk plays some of his greatest solos on the album. I believe all in top form. Jason Newsted is also a chance to focus on this. As a bassist, I think his bass lines on the slower songs to show his talent the most. He packs a lot of emotions, especially in Nothing Else Matters. Overall, this is only a fun and joy with CD talented musicians and songwriting. Highly recommended!

  3. Jahdahdieh says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    CD cover cracked
    When I received the cd the entire case was cracked luckily not the cd itself. They packaged it in just a regular envelope which was probably not the best idea.

  4. Timur says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    I never really know what to put here…
    Out of all the Metallica albums I have ever owned, this one is one of my least favorites.
    There are songs on here that are good – lyrically and musically – but for…

  5. Yousef says:

    It seems that a lot of Metallica fans “seem to enjoy this album, for whatever reason. They claim that with this album, Metallica their edge and sold. Listening to this album, I wonder if we hear the same. This album may not be quite as epic or technical than previous versions, but it is just as thrashy, heavy, and good. This album was my introduction to Metallica a few years back, and I've never stopped loving it. The songs are full of crunch and vitriol, and the two ballads ( “Unforgiven,” “Nothing Else Matters”) are very emotional and melodic. There are still a lot of great solos, and Lars are some pretty impressive meals drumwork (especially on “The Struggle Within”). The production quality is very good (probably the best of all their albums), so that each instrument is different and hard. There are no bad songs, but if you want to hear a big, check out “The Unforgiven”. This is one of the best ballads of all time, with very emotional lyrics and a great vocal performance from James Hetfield. If you like heavy metal and not love this album, it's probably something wrong with you. I this album ranked third, behind “Ride the Lightning” and “Master of Puppets”, and one of my Top 20 favorite albums. It is better than “and justice for all” especially because of the quality of production, and better than “Kill Em All”, because the album is too repetitive and rough around the edges (but still very good, mind you ), and well, I have to explain why it's better than “Load” and “Reload”? The simple fact is that Metallica is still a great band at that time, and not sell them, with this album. This album was much heavier and better than anything else, the high demand (with the exception of Pantera's “Cowboys from Hell”). “Load” and “Reload” were those where the music changed for the worse, but these albums were not as bad. When Metallica was always sold out, it was not until the awful “I Disappear”. If they ever a different bass player, and Hetfield is always out of rehab, we hope that they cease to do the type of appointment and go back to the basics. Megadeth and Iron Maiden already incredible return to form with “The World Needs a Hero” and “Brave New World, Metallica, if not another album like this, then metal is officially back. Otherwise they can just call it quits. Anyway, buy this album, it is one of the best.

  6. Giovanni says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Seek their previous efforts before seeking “Metallica”
    I’ve never been able to successfully listen to the second half of Metallica’s self titled effort without losing interest immediately.

  7. Huela says:

    Regardless of its commercial intent, Metallica had the Black Album. Their previous album “And Justice For All” had many great moments, but also slightly in the direction of more. It is important to note that many of Metallica's influences typical 3-4 minutes wrote songs with a killer riff and solo. And their Garage Revisted album demonstrates their love to do something like that. But she had not really done that since its early days, and they had so far from the time of the “And Justice For All”. As a result, The Black Album was an artistic as well as commercial, commitment. Keep it simple, keep unforgettable, keep it real. No doubt, the craft has paid off;'s Singles Metallica (Enter Sandman, Wherever I May Roam, Sad, but true, Nothing Else Matters, Unforgiven) have hard-rock classic . Each song has killer hooks, they groove, and this ballad is as powerful and moving as any song they have done. Sure, Bob Rock production is a little too smooth, but the demos to hear and know that The Black Album is still thrash. Close their difficult, then the view that similar efforts by thrash outfits like Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax, and were much less successful. If there are any substantial errors about The Black Album, it is that it shows what true metal lovers already know – Metallica is an average thrash band with world-class compositions, which Beatles the long-form composition. If you compare The Black Album with Pantera's “Vulgar Display Of Power”. Where The Black Album waters after Thrash's Edge (relentlessly midtempo, simpler rhythms, production), “Vulgar Display of Power” is distilled, with the creativity, the craft, but it is still nasty. And there with Metallica earlier work, and to the richness, dynamism and depth. By and large, though, The Black Album is a great kick-a ** album. As close as possible to the perfect mainstream heavy metal album is always someone to get. It also suggested that if Metallica could combine The Black Album of the discipline with their 80s wealth, their best work was in the future. Boy were we wrong. . .

  8. Gioia says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This is my personal favorite Metallica album , it’s an awesome album with alot of classic’s like Enter Sandman and The Unforgiven and many others , the only differance from this…

  9. Vicki says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    The Beginning of the downfall.
    Metallica had come out with an amazing debut album, and three extremely succesful speed metal albums after that which have gone down in metal history as some of the best heavy…

  10. Yui says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Sad But True . . .
    that there are over 1000 reviews and no mention that I can find pointing out that this is an excellent surround mix. What happened to reviewing a product?

  11. Helladius says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    never received this cd from the seller
    I never received the cd from this seller. I have not received a response to where my cd is? It has been 6 weeks since I placed the order.

  12. Anonymous says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    It’s almost twenty years after the black album came out. I was a rabid Metallica fan when this album first dropped (I was 14). At the time, I was extremely heartbroken.

  13. Tuyen says:

    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Not a classic by any means
    I was 11 when this came out and I bought this and Justice at the same time. I was new to metal and I was a kid but I knew I was listening to Justice constantly while I struggled…

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