Mountain Goats, Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton

Dear Internet user: If you have found this page by searching for “DEATH METAL VIDEO” or “DEATH METAL BAND” or perhaps “DETH METTLE RULEZ” let me warn you now: THIS IS NOT A DEATH METAL BAND, AND TH…

10 responses to “Mountain Goats, Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton”

  1. Hawdkoah says:

    Haha, for some reason this song brings me back to my days fronting a couple of death metal bands my friends and I started in our garages when we were in high school. Good times.

  2. mnkeyfeetz says:

    they’re so metal…in their hearts

  3. bazookajustin says:

    John’s actually a really big metalhead, believe it or not.

  4. FLCLFREAK1 says:

    it’s not meant to be brutal dumb fuck

  5. charliebynumbers says:

    thank´s beegee73! and i like your info box, very sympathetic and smart.

  6. burt666 says:

    the saddest song ever written

  7. jedimaster4098 says:

    these guys are brutal

  8. Exelebrator says:

    A classic ^^Hope this never gets old

  9. Coop720 says:

    Haha definitely, one of the most mainstream, coperate, whoring bands to date; let alone metal band.They still have some old beasty songs.

  10. ColeWeiche says:

    lolololololloolaksdfj asdi like meatl lol ROFL @L#KJ@#.

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