Mountain Goats “the Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton”

The Mountain Goats performing “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton” live at Neumo’s in Seattle. 6/9/06

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  1. bassface17 says:

    Wow, what an adorable song. I have a feeling that I’m gonna remember it forever.

  2. RWMVG1DC says:

    I love both TMBG and TMG, so really? They’re both awesome, just in somewhat different ways. ;3

  3. plopnod says:

    You may not have a good ear for music ,in fact I’m sure you don’t.I suggest that you listen to “letterbox” by They might be giants,and compare the way the song is structured to this mountain goats song.When they (the Mountain goats) were on Fergusons’ show they credited TMBG as one of their major influences.I’m sure not all their songs sound like TMBG,but this one does,and it is the one that I was referring to.Some people hear without listening

  4. ThomasStillbranch says:

    this is just filled with so much angst :)

  5. plopnod says:

    A poor man’s They Might Be Giants.

  6. Floydthefuckbag says:

    What are you on?They are so much better than TMBG, and not really anything like them.

  7. valerie2776 says:

    I adore both TMBG and tMG, and that’s is just a silly thing to say and entirely inaccurate.

  8. DaMeatTree says:

    oh god this gave me goosebumps

  9. fuckitiloveyou says:

    these guys rock!

  10. muse5life says:

    I come back to this song and video every few months or so and it still has the same effect on me as the first time I watched it. This video is so awesome. Thanks for posting it.

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