Movie Food Metal Band

Aqua teen hunger force start of the movie funny as hell metal up your ASS

10 responses to “Movie Food Metal Band”

  1. maojoel says:

    If you don’t understand you should not be here!

  2. MCrafton86 says:

    I LOVE this. I can watch this clip again and again and still be amused. By far, the best part of this movie.

  3. ThatGuy1116 says:

    linoleum knife!! lol

  4. Ouija313 says:


  5. themanhatedbyall says:

    the only part of that movie i watched more than once

  6. SLCMariah101 says:

    this is awsome!

  7. pinky315 says:

    ffffsucking on me is realy neat

  8. TheShadowWolf91 says:

    lmao.Retarded Singing food before Metal Band: don’t take your penis out unless you have to, indecent exposure is a class 2 felony.LMAO XD

  9. revoltinglibrarian says:


  10. TheShadowWolf91 says:

    nope, but that would be a bad ass MP3 player, this song should begin every damn movie in a theatre.

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