My Favourite Metal Bands Part 2

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A continuation of the previous video.

Church of the Machine
Focus Shift
Intergalatic Space Crusaders
Mask of Flies

10 responses to “My Favourite Metal Bands Part 2”

  1. ridah223 says:

    Nightwish is awesome! Great prog and power metal bands

  2. cfybbdrummer says:

    yeah, great list though! some new material for me to check out. some of those bands must be kinda localized i take it.

  3. cfybbdrummer says:

    ugh dragonforce. disagree there.

  4. adgTributes says:

    Actually now I tend to agree with you, the video’s quite old.

  5. DeathM3TaL says:

    you have a great taste in bands! i suggest you to try the bands “At The Gates” “HammerFall” and “Insomnium”

  6. ManofWar55 says:

    I hadn’t heard of a few of those. I’ll check them out!

  7. DarkLordovMetal says:

    I’ll look up the December Moon songs, thanks.

  8. DarkLordovMetal says:

    Oh yeah, who’s going into part 3?

  9. DarkLordovMetal says:

    Guess I asked a silly question, lol.

  10. DarkLordovMetal says:

    It’s Dead? No way

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