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GEOFF TATE Hopes To One Day Have A Good Relationship With His Former Bandmates

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Whitney Ullman of recently conducted an interview with singer Geoff Tate of QUEENSRĊ¸CHE. An excerpt from the chat follows below. There is a lot going on right now with the QUEENSRĊ¸CHE name between the old band and the new band. Is there anything you want to tell fans about the current situation? Tate: Umm, let's see. What can I say legally without getting in trouble? I can't really talk about it too much actually. I can say that we are very close to being in a settlement over the whole debacle, and shortly moving on to brighter days and greener pastures, so they say. Is there a big difference working with the new group? Tate: Yes, completely different. Well, this group of people are kind of a mixture of, how can I put it, it's all guys that I've known for years and years and years. Kelly Gray on guitar, Randy Gane on keyboards, we've been making music since about 1979 together. Rudy and Robert Sarzo are on bass guitar and Simon Wright on drums. I met them in the early '80s, and we became friends. We've been wanting to make music for a long time, so now with the circumstances, we can do that finally. So we are having a good time. It's a bunch of friends up there making music, and I think that really shows in our performance. We have a great time and that definitely translates to the audience. Do you still have a good relationship with your former members? Tate: I hope to at some point. Read the entire interview at

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