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MAYHEM: 'Esoteric Warfare' Album Details Revealed

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Legendary Norwegian black metal instigators MAYHEM will release their fifth full-length album, "Esoteric Warfare", on May 23 via Season Of Mist. The effort, in its various formats, including a limited vinyl collector's box, will be made available for pre-order on the Season Of Mist e-shop next week. The stunning cover was created by Polish artist and architect Zbigniew M. Bielak and can be seen below. MAYHEM's follow-up to 2007's "Ordo Ad Chao" was mixed at Mølla Studio in Gjerstad, Norway. "Esoteric Warfare" track listing: 01. Watcher 02. Psywar 03. Trinity 04. Pandaemon 05. Mylab 06. Six Seconds 07. Throne Of Time 08. Corpse Of Care 09. Posthuman 10. Aion Suntalia MAYHEM had always witnessed many lineup changes due to various circumstances. Therefore even the loss of guitarist Blasphemer, who decided to focus on his other band AVA INFERI in 2008, did not stop the band. Activities mainly revolved around live shows, until the right balance was found again with the recruitment of Morten "Teloch" Iversen. The guitarist had already made a name for himself with NIDINGR, which is highly regarded amongst black metal enthusiasts yet remained mostly an underground phenomenon. Now his first compositional work with MAYHEM is unveiled and demonstrates how perfectly Teloch has captured the essence and spirit of the Norwegian legend by clearly linking the band back to its roots, while at the same time taking a step forward into the spearhead position of the genre instead of dwelling in nostalgia. "Esoteric Warfare" is finally ready to be unleashed. This full-scale assault of total dark savagery of freezing riffs and Attila Csihar's inhumane vocals is entirely based on a concept dealing with the esoteric experimentations of the nuclear powers during the cold war. The album proves once again and beyond doubt that MAYHEM are the Alpha and the Omega of black metal! MAYHEM's "Psywar" single will precede the full-length effort on April 25. The "Psywar" lyric video was created by revered artist Costin Chioreanu (SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, ORANSSI PAZUZU, VULTURE INDUSTRIES) and can be seen below. "Psywar" is available for pre-order from Season Of Mist. MAYHEM previously announced a first set of European shows in support of "Esoteric Warfare". The tour will kick off on May 14 in Germany at Hamburg's famous Markthalle and continue to rage through ten countries until a final onslaught in Denmark's capital Copenhagen at Pumpehuset. MAYHEM is: Attila Csihar: Vocals Teloch: Guitar Necrobutcher: Bass Hellhammer: Drums Charles Hedger: Guitar (live) mayhemesotericcd

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