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ORGY To Release 'Wide Awake And Dead' Single

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ORGY, the reactivated "death pop" band from California, will release a new single, "Wide Awake And Dead", on March 18. The song is a re-awakening; a revival of ORGY, a collection of audio-veterans brimming with talent and raring to go, and make big waves in 2014. "Wide Awake And Dead" marks the first single from ORGY released this year, as a musical collaboration written by group members Carlton Bost, Bobby Amaro, Nic Speck, Creighton Emrick and Jay Gordon. Starting on Tuesday, March 18, fans can download "Wide Awake And Dead" via iTunes and other major digital retailers, or at "Wide Awake And Dead", just like the lyrics mimic, is addictive at its most transient points, and downright obsession-rendering at its hook. The single is indicative of the direction that ORGY is headed in 2014 — this new sound is brimming with crisp, charging guitars, unforgettable lyrics, and transfixing melodies. ORGY will tour the USA again on the second leg of "Wide Awake And Dead Tour 2014". The band will head out to support the launch of the single and EP. ORGY will continue to hit major markets throughout the country in 2014 and is seeking to book dates in Europe and Australia. Guitarist Ashburn Miller announced his departure from ORGY in October 2013 to focus on a career in production/engineering. He has since been replaced by Creighton Emrick. Originally formed in 1997, ORGY was signed to KORN's label Elementree Records and released its debut album, "Candyass", in 1998. Featuring two hit singles — a cover of the NEW ORDER song "Blue Monday" and "Stitches" — along with the song "Revival" featuring Jonathan Davis of KORN, the CD went on to sell almost two million copies. ORGY appeared on the Family Values Tour with KORN, LIMP BIZKIT, ICE CUBE, INCUBUS and RAMMSTEIN and was featured on the live compilation album from the tour released in 1999. Their second album, the science fiction-themed "Vapor Transmission", was released in 2000 featuring the singles "Fiction (Dreams in Digital)" and "Opticon" and the band later released the song "Faces" for the soundtrack to the movie "Zoolander". ORGY is: Jay Gordon - Lead Vocals Carlton Bost - Guitars, Gadgets, Vocals Nic Speck - Bass, Vocals Bobby Amaro - Drums, Vocals Creighton Emrick - Guitars, Gadgets, Vocals orgywideawakesingle

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