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Reunited MORDRED To Release New EP; U.K. Tour Scheduled For August

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Reunited late '80s/early '90s San Francisco Bay Area funk-metallers MORDRED will embark on a U.K, tour in August. In addition, the band has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise enough funds to cover tour costs as well as the expenses involved in releasing an EP of new material and reissuing the band's catalog, including making the "In This Live" video available as a DVD/digital download. Says the band: "It's been a while... but we just jammed together in San Francisco over the summer and had an awesome time! We heard there was still a following for us; we had no idea! So we got the idea from a friend why not have some fun and tour again? Play for all our friends and fans old and new, and maybe even write some new songs. Of course, we'll be getting paid from the gigs and stuff we sell on the summer U.K. tour, but we need money now for things like promotion, paying someone to help us book this thing, merchandise up-front costs, 6 plane tickets, 6 visas, transportation, fuel, living accommodations the list goes on and on and on. "And we've been writing new material too! We want to put out an EP of new material, re-release our original material, which has all been professionally remastered, and re-release our 'In This Live' video in a DVD/download format that's been digitized from the original film masters! "We're also offering Indiegogo campaign perks only: handwritten lyrics, custom ring tones, Skype lessons from members of the band, we've got exclusive t-shirts, hats and hoodies, even original test pressings of Pause's scratch sample mix on vinyl we made especially for touring back in the day! "And we've opted for the option to take the entire amount even if we don't reach our goal. So help the Bastard Son of Heavy Metal tour again; every bit helps! See you soon!!!" The BNR Metal Pages says: Initially part of the San Francisco thrash fraternity of the Eighties, MORDRED starting making a name for themselves by incorporating funk influences to their sound, then quite a novelty. Most of "Fool's Game" (1989) is pretty much thrash (save one song), but the follow-up "In This Life" (1991) is where the new influences (aided by the rap-style turntables of Aaron Vaughn) really come to the fore, giving the album and band a very distinctive style. By the time of the "Vision" EP (1992), internal friction within the band developed, leading to the departure of longtime vocalist Scott Holderby. With new vocalist Paul Kimball, the band released "The Next Room" (1994), a slightly toned-down release compared to their previous efforts. MORDRED is: Scott Holderby - Vocals James Sanguinetti - Guitar Danny White - Guitar Art Liboon - Bass Aaron "Pause" Vaughn - Keyboards, Vocals, Turntables Gannon Hall - Drums mordreduk-tour_poster

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