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SPIRALARMS Featuring Ex-FORBIDDEN, DEATH ANGEL Members: Campbell Concert Footage

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Bay Area Backstage has uploaded video footage of SPIRALARMS, the San Francisco Bay Area-based heavy rock band featuring Craig Locicero (FORBIDDEN, ex-MANMADEGOD) on guitar, Tim Narducci (ex-SYSTEMATIC) on vocals, Chris "Cornbread" Lombardo on bass, Brad Barth on keyboards, and Anthony Traslavina on rhythm guitar and drummer Andy Galeon (DEATH ANGEL), performing on March 13 at the Heritage Theater in Campbell, California. Check it out below. Galeon made his live debut with SPIRALARMS on February 8 at the Milk Bar in San Francisco. SPIRALARMS' second album, "Freedom", was released on October 22, 2013 via Steamhammer/SPV. SPIRALARMS rose from the ashes of millennial bands SYSTEMATIC, FORBIDDEN and MANMADE GOD. Friends since the age of 15, Narducci and Locicero bonded over their love of heavy metal and hard rock music. Looking back at that time period, Craig said, "[We were] probably the youngest kids in the East Bay metal scene that were drinking beer out in the parking lot after seeing bands like TESTAMENT and EXODUS play." Although the two remained friends throughout the years, they both went their separate ways and started bands of their own. After years of playing with their respective groups, the two friends contacted each other and decided it was time to start playing music together again, and in 2004 SPIRALARMS was born. "Freedom"'s down-to-earth and very dynamic production deserves a mention. The album oozes a liveliness, which many other bands tend to lose in the studio. "We always work at the studio as a full band," says Locicero. "The basic tracks of the new album were recorded in just about 16 hours, the rest was recorded by and by, but always in the same spirit. From the beginning, we never lost sight of our vision and that special flair which our new songs have."

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