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KAYSER, the Swedish band featuring former SPIRITUAL BEGGARS frontman Spice and ex-THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND drummer Bob Ruben, has signed a long-term deal with Listenable Records. The group's new album, entitled "Read Your Enemy", is scheduled for an early 2014 release. KAYSER is working with Sinemax Productions on a video for an as-yet-undisclosed track. KAYSER saw the first ray of light in early June 2004 when Spice, Mattias Svensson (also of THE DEFACED), Bob Ruben and Fredrik Finnander decided to join forces to create a pure metal band. The band's sound is fully immersed in true original heavy/thrash metal genre with emphasis on the muscular songwriting: hammering blistering and catchy riffs one after another, delivering the goods through scorching witty arrangements with fluid virtuosity. Focus always lies on the song, easily identifiable through the supreme vocals by Spice, though the emotional and musical expressions stretch from heavy introvert pounding to pure hate driven ferocity. "No boundaries and no limits... and that goes for everything," the members stated initially to set the aim straight. As for comparisons, it might be best described as a mutation of BLACK SABBATH, MEGADETH and SLAYER with dips from different good bowls of classic and modern metal. Popular for its incendiary shows, KAYSER enforces the pillars of metal with absolute authority. KAYSER became a much-talked-about live act among the metal fans, rampaging cities across Europe with bands like VOLBEAT and more. KAYSER is: Spice (ex-SPIRITUAL BEGGARS) - Vocals Swaney - Guitars Jokke - Guitars Biff - Bass Bob Ruben - Drums Simon MÃ¥rtensson - Organ, Rhodes, Mellotron (session musician)

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