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LOVE/HATE Guitarist Threatens To Sue Singer JIZZY PEARL Over 'Crucified' Album

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Founding LOVE/HATE guitarist Jon E. Love has threatened to sue the band's lead singer Jizzy Pearl over a new album that is scheduled to be released under the LOVE/HATE name. "Crucified" — described in a press release as "the first LOVE/HATE record of all-original music in years" — sees Pearl "taking the 'old' out of old-school and delivering songs that sound every bit as classic as the classic LOVE/HATE songs fans have grown to love." In a post on his Facebook page, Love writes: "This is not a LOVE/HATE record. Jizzy has taken it upon himself to release his solo shit and call it LOVE/HATE. None of the original members are on it. How do I know this? Because the idiot insulted me when asking me to perform on it. Any true LOVE/HATE fan will immediately know it's not the real band. Stay tuned — more to follow as I proceed to sue him." Love is currently recording an album with his band JON E. LOVE & THE HATERS. Pearl's LOVE/HATE will perform on next year's Monsters Of Rock cruise, which will take place March 29 - April 2. LOVE/HATE's debut album, "Blackout in the Red Room", reached No. 154 on The Billboard 200 in 1990. The video for the single "Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?" was in rotation on MTV, chiefly on "Headbanger's Ball". In 1992 when they released a second album "Wasted in America", Jizzy Pearl used himself in a legendary publicity stunt to help album sales. This stunt, with the help of a few others, included Jizzy successfully erecting a cross on the Hollywood sign and positioned himself on it. There are two incarnations of LOVE/HATE, before Jizzy Pearl left for L.A. GUNS and after he returned to restart LOVE/HATE. The second incarnation ended quickly as Jizzy Pearl left again to join RATT. jonlovecrucifiedfacebook

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