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GWAR Frontman Interviewed By THE FRONT ROW REPORT (Video)

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On September 12, The Front Row Report conducted an interview with GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus at The Vogue Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can now watch the chat below. GWAR's new album, "Battle Maximus" — the band's first full-length studio effort since the loss of their longtime guitar player Flattus Maximus — is set to hit the streets on September 17 on Metal Blade Records. "This album is both a tribute to Flattus and a telling of the next chapter in the story of GWAR," said Oderus Urungus. "The combo of the brand new album and show should satisfy even the most hardcore Flattus devotee with the fact that GWAR's slay-skills are as supreme as ever, and the band stands poised to embark on our most earth-shattering world tour yet. We have mourned, we have honored, and now it's time to fucking DEVASTATE in the name of Flattus and the supreme entity that is GWAR." Oderus continued: "This is our first record in our brand-new Slave Pit Studios, which Flattus had a lead role in designing, but without him we had no one left to twiddle the buttons, much less play the blazing metal leads and provide the musical direction that rescued GWAR from the depths of clown-band obscurity. I mean, Balsac is no slouch, but Flattus' departure left a huge hole in our band. We had no choice. We had to blow the Horn of Hate..." The follow-up to 2011's critically acclaimed "Bloody Pit Of Horror", "Battle Maximus" features twelve brand new tracks that not only honor their departed ally, but tells the story of GWAR's latest struggle against what may be their greatest enemy yet... the insidious "Mr. Perfect", who has travelled through time itself to steal the power of GWAR — the power of immortality, and use this power to mutate the human race into his twisted vision of what the "perfect" human should be. Once again GWAR finds themselves as the only thing standing between the human race and the latest super-powered shithead bent on the destruction of GWAR and the enslavement of their worshippers. "Battle Maximus" track listing: 01. Intro 02. Madness At The Core Of Time 03. Bloodbath 04. Nothing Left Alive 05. They Swallowed The Sun 06. Torture 07. Raped At Birth 08. I, Bonesnapper 09. Mr. Perfect 10. Battle Maximus 11. Triumph Of The Pig Children 12. Falling 13. Fly Now

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