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God Forbid Tour Check In

Doc Coyle, the guitarist and vocalist of God Forbid checks in with the following tour recap:

"Hey everybody. Doc from God Forbid checking in from the road with about a week and a half left on the Fury of the Fall tour. Right now, we're in Boise, Idaho enjoying our only one true day off. I have to say that the tour has been incredible so far, and everyone is having blast. Playing between Meshuggah and The Haunted every night has really made us bring the thunder. Meshuggah is probably being the heaviest band of all time, The Haunted delivers a thrash metal riff clinic and Mnemic kills it nightly with so much damn groove and energy. The fans have certainly gotten their money's worth and have turned out in droves with several shows selling out.

For a quick recap of the highlights of the tour, we kicked things off at an outdoor festival near Tampa, FL with a few friends in Hatebreed, Devildriver, Otep and the mighty Motorhead headlining. This show ruled, and the after party was insanity. Thank the lord for open bars! I actually got to meet the mighty Lemmy who was cool as fuck and down to earth, which was pleasantly surprising. We than hightailed it for couple kick ass packed shows in Allentown and Philadelphia, PA which was start of the tour with the full line-up. Canada rocked as usual with a couple packed, energetic houses in Toronto and Montreal. In Toronto, John Mayer was actually playing the venue next door, and surprisingly he is pretty damn talented musician who, in a live setting, was reminiscent of Steve Ray Vaughn. In Montreal, we got to hang out at good ol' Foufounes Electrique after the show and it was mayhem as usual. Much props to ladies night.

Following Canada, were sellout shows in Virgina, New York, Cleveland and one of the best hometown shows we've played in New Jersey at the Starland Ballroom. We're really lucky to have such an amazing local fan base, which always seems to be growing. It's crazy to see so many people who have stayed loyal, although musically we've grown a lot over the years. It's just really gratifying to see people grow with you. Props to our bros in Lamb of God who came out to the VA show, and showed some new demo LOG stuff, which will of course kill like everything else they do.

We also got to see our friends in Hatebreed and Shadows Fall in the New England area, which was incredible because those bands tour so much you never expect to see them at shows hanging out. Collectively, they took over our bus and showed us some of the new "Crowbreed" project, which is fucking amazing. Can't wait for that to drop and it's some of the heaviest shit ever! There was also quite the party in Cleveland when the Blackest of the Black tour crossed paths with our tour, and we got to hang with some friends in Chimaira and Himsa. Finally, we got to meet the guys in Behemoth, whose music we love. It's funny, because for being one of the most evil bands of all time, are really fun laidback guys. A bunch of metal dudes dancing in a club to pop and hip-hop is just scary.

We than hit the Midwest where we had some great shows in Milwaukee at the Rave and at a very nice newer club called the Pearl Room in Mokena, IL. Darkest Hour and Norma Jean just so happened to be playing Milwaukee the same night, so we were fortunate enough to share a couple beers. After the Mokena show, our good friend Bruce "LAMONTE" from Yakuza (congrats to signing with Prosthetic) took us to a seedy metal bar called Exit where Dallas and I DJed for a couple hours. I need to become a DJ. Free drinks and the music I want to hear works for me. After that, we jetted to Louisville to do an off-day show with our fellow Jersey boys Dillinger Escape Plan. We hadn't played Kentucky since early 2001. Although it was a new club, and still had glitches, the show was a lot of fun,and Dillinger kicked everyone's face in. Goddamn their good! Unfortunately, the Detroit show was cancelled because of some bullshit with the promoter. We promise to come back and make it up. We than headed south to rock Texas and Oklahoma, which really have some of the most dedicated, fanatical fans ever. Great stuff indeed.

So we've been having a shitload of fun on this tour, and we're working on something in the U.S. for early 2006. In the meantime, we're shooting a video for "To The Fallen Heros" early next month, doing a couple regional dates with Agents of Man and Cannae, and than heading to Europe with The Haunted and God Dethroned. See everyone soon."

25 Oct 2005

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