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Dark Passion Play

Nightwish returns with an ambitious epic metal opus that begins promisingly enough but quickly devolves into another formulaic power rock affair. The band’s at its most powerful and convincing on the opening “The Poet and the Pendulum” (all 14 minutes of it), the dynamic “Bye Bye Beautiful,” and the infectious pop-inflected “Amaranth.” But mid-album tracks such as “Sahara,” “For the Heart I Once Had,” and the limpid closer, “Meadows of Heaven,” retread familiar ground that reminds (more…)

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  1. Cutler says:

    I would like to begin by saying that I am not a big fan Tarja. She is talented enough, but for my money, there are many other singers, there are as good if not better than the diva squeezed. It is a shame, Nightwish had not one of them to their new singer after their split with much known Tarja. If you have what is arguably the greatest female fronted metal band in the world, you should indicate your choice of great singers. I am stunned that Annette Olzon is the best they could. I am sure that they have a very nice person, and I could care less that it does not do what the whole opera (which can be on my nerves after a while), but the sad fact is, it is simply not suitable for this type of music and is way out of her league here. If Lullacry needs a new singer, I'm sure it would be a great substitute, but this is Nightwish, folks!
      What makes this even more shameful is that musically Dark Passion Play is probably the best album the band has written. I was impressed by After , but the songwriting and symphonic arrangements on this album are simply awe-inspiring. This is ePIC metal on a stage with Therion. With all the other singers – Tarja, Floor of After Forever, Simone of Epica – this would have been Nightwish's greatest achievement. Even a male singer would (seriously, the album of Tom Englund from Evergrey to the microphone). Instead, it only seems like a missed opportunity.
      Musically, Dark Passion Play rates 5 stars easily. The song deserves 2 stars. I tried to seek a fair Annette, but her voice is just not right here. I think I voted for the trade in this for the “Collector's Edition” with a bonus CD with an instrumental version of the album. That should be much easier to bear.
      One last thing, the songs on the Tarja and her husband are just fussy. I know that the division is not resolved, but there are dozens of press releases and interviews that the layer. Their dirty laundry has nothing on the album.

  2. Nahla says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Superb Musicianship
    I have heard a tiny bit of Nightwish but not much being in Australia.
    I have bought this album and as a former drummer and musician i can only take my hat off to this band…

  3. Micah says:

    This review is from: Dark Passion Play (Audio CD) < / a> “The end of the songwriter is dead …” begins the first track of the album. Despite the presentation of these chilling words, they are far from the truth about the Dark Passion Play and Nightwish. Nightwish, replaced former singer Tarja Turunen Anette Olzon to have their sixth studio album and first in three years. Like thousands of Nightwish fans groaned when Tarja was fired, we all wondered whether the new singer Tarja could fill the shoes and if Nightwish could live up to what he is, one of the world's best symphonic metal albums fronted by one of the best female metal vocalists.
      well most of the jury is not yet, but the man says, there's absolutely nothing to fear; Dark Passion Play is my new favorite Nightwish album. Ocean Born and once were my favorites before, but nothing more. And amazingly enough, one of the reasons may, in fact, the vocals. So there are three reasons why I enjoy the DPP more than any other albums Nightwish: Anette Olzon, more epic, and the poet and the pendulum.
      Starting with Anette. Anette Tarja is not …. For me, in a very good option (although I admit that many will be in a very negative way). She is a very different singer, and I am glad to hear them sing the old songs live. On the one hand, it is an old and not as a soprano, very little vibrato, and it sounds like a rock singer and not as an opera singer. That is not to say that I do not like the opera singing that Tarja used so admirably – far from it, as groups like Epica are still among my favorite and Tarja is one of the greatest female metal singers of all time. Perhaps one of the reasons why I so much as Anette is that they are a change from the operatic soprano voice, which very often in symphonic and gothic metal bands (which I hear a lot). Your voice, I find, is much better at conveying emotion than Tarja was (again, personal preference). Ultimately, each person is on the vocals and that will make or break time for the album because they really, the rest of the band has not changed unexpectedly. The band relies on the variance, with the Century of the Child symphonic metal “standard” that they are consistent with the Ocean Born. Each album has been more gradual and DPP is no exception.
      ePIC More … My favorite Nightwish songs were tracks like Ghost Love Score, Beauty of the Beast, Creek Mary's Blood, and Dead Boy's Poem. For the same reason I like groups like Rhapsody of Fire, I love songs like these for the epic feel. And once with the addition of a full, large chorus and orchestra as an everpresent force the epic feeling is growing bigger and bigger. The album has five tracks, the nearly six minutes long, starts and ends with two massive works, and most epic-feeling song, ever written by Nightwish is in this album in the form of the poet and the pendulum.
      My track-by-track analysis of the album:
      1) The poet and the pendulum: why 3 for DPP is the best in the Nightwish albums. 14 minutes from London Session Orchestra Anette Nightwish + + + + A Full Choir Boy soprano (or two). I could write a whole review / analysis for this song alone, but since they are part of an album, I can not. As the longest ever written, and Tuomas' favorite, the song is divided into five parts, tempo changes, many times, and covers basically everything you imagine might be in a song. It starts with the Wailing Wall a boy soprano singing, reading an obituary from the “songwriter.” The tension in this introduction suddenly bursts when the full orchestra explodes into action, followed by the heavy-metal guitars of the rest of the band. There is a little bit when Anette started singing the first verse of what sounds like Tuomas' perspective. With the powerful, awe-inspiring choir, orchestra, choir and band re-erupt. The second part consists in this way, bombastic and epic, and it really subsidies had the same feeling with the introduction of the boy soprano return. When Anette compounds, it is clear that the voice of the soprano singer Tarja disappeared with Anette singing in a lower octave. Then the brass sounds and ominous words whispered aloud immediately switching gears in Marco ululation. Anette returns, and the choir plays for the last time before Tuomas' obituary is. The fifth part is really nice, sounds almost like a brand new song (almost three minutes long), and all traces of violence and power played previously are gone. The texts are for all intents and purposes Tuomas writing about his death (and resurrection, in part five) in a song. They are deep and powerful, and of course if he is not dead, he was feeling immense sadness and was heavily burdened when he wrote the album. This is really the heart and soul and the DPP is one of my favorite Nightwish songs ever written. 10/10
      2) Bye Bye Beautiful: Bye Bye Beautiful is, how many would guess, a musical farewell to Tarja. It is not an offensive or hateful farewell, but is rather a sad and bitter sweet farewell. For Tuomas, it was a song that “had to be done,” he says, it sounds much more aggressive than the meaning behind it. There are many references to the complaints that the band in the open letter announced that Tarja's firing. Musically, it is a track with aggressive vocals and Marco Anette sings the verses of the powerful chorus. It feels very different from the poet and the pendulum, but to know what had happened to the band, they are not unexpected. 8.5/10
      3) Amaranth: Amaranth is as Tuomas and the band have said, very catchy and has an almost pop-sounding chorus, very much a perfect song for a single. Anette is the only singer on the track and most of her vocals are accompanied by a strong drum beats with the orchestra plays in the background light for most of the songs. The chorus is basically the song, very catchy with Anette's vocal layers on each other for a very nice sounding harmony. A fun song, very much lighter than the previous two songs and is much more accessible than the rest of the DPP. 9 / 10
      4) your Cadence Last Breath: A Anette's favorite songs (and one of Tuomas' at least), Cadence begins burdened with breathing, soon followed by guitar riffs and keyboards. For me, Cadence's verses and development are very powerful and there is a short but sweet guitar solo, but the choir never has for me, almost as if it went away from the phrases that you are through the verses. Anette sings this song with Marco shouting “Run Away” in the chorus. 8 / 10
      5) Master Passion Greed: The hardest song Nightwish has ever written is about the other half of Tarja's dismissal, her husband Marcelo Cabuli. Unlike Bye Bye Beautiful, this is not a bittersweet song, but a bitter song of the band's view, since the company first setting by Marcelo is what the break between Tarja and the rest of the band. It is entirely sung by Marco (who also shares writing points), and there is a lot to scream, thrash-guitar, and growling (from Tuomas?). One of the songs more and much harder than anything ever Nightwish is an interesting song that, like Bye Bye Beautiful, is not unexpected and is a clear change of speed. 8.5/10
      6) Eva: The first single from DPP and the first song released by Anette's singing is also the first ballad on the album. It is a beautiful and especially orchestral pieces. The lyrics are something to note as well. You are fine and very well written, even for Tuomas work. Mix in a strong guitar solo and backing vocals from a gospel choir (which will be heard much later) and you have a very solid ballad. 9 / 10
      7) Sahara: Western Sahara is a piece written breakaway with an exotic African / Egyptian sound. A bit reminiscent of Creek Mary's Blood from once, it is a versatile track the use of Anette's singing in many different ways. The riffs are heavy and the orchestra and chorus play an important role. It is an epic and powerful song and is another change of pace from the rest of the album. It is one of my favorites from the album. 10/10
      8) Whoever brings the night: Written by Emppu (Text by Tuomas), which sounds very much like a guitarist's Song. The intro takes up with heavy guitars, the riffs are dominant and powerful, and it is a lengthy guitar solo. The vocals are much less pronounced and the voice of love and misleading lie. Not one of my favorites, but there is a diversity of the entire album. 8.5/10
      9) for the heart I once had a sad and tragic song, Anette's singing is the function of this song. Sometimes it seems that the notes of the song are on the edge of their range, but it bears the title admirably. It represents an enormous amount of emotion in her voice to this piece which would otherwise be a bit flat. 8.5/10
      10) The Islander: And yet another change of pace. A Celtic ballads sung by Marco and especially by him, the Islander is very folkish and cheerful. Sung, very much like something from Ireland, it is a well written piece and very different than the rest of the album so far. There are a variety of instruments, from bodhran drums to flutes to violins to uileann tubes. 9 / 10
      11) Last of the Wild: The only all-instrumental pieces on the album, the last of the wilderness is a treat for the ears. It is basically a duel between the Finnish and Celtic instruments in the electric guitars and drums of the band. It is a wonderful piece with different instruments throughout the melody. It looks like a jam session, I have not long ago, to mix many different types of instruments and improvisation in many different directions. An excellent piece. 10/10
      12) 7 Days to the Wolves: Inspired by a Stephen King novel, 7 days to the wolves appear to be rather the beauty of the animal's successor. Start with some simple drumbeats and string parts, it launches into a dark and heavy verse and chorus. There is a long instrumental section strongly reminiscent of part Bless the child that up to one of the most powerful and aggressive vocal lines Anette sings throughout the album. It is a lengthy, 7-minute song with a good performance a little behind. 9 / 10.
      13) Meadows of Heaven: The grand finale of the album, it comes with a gospel choir (which was to sing “Heaven” in so many ways that they wanted, but nothing in relation to Christianity) in tow. Termination of this song is simply breathtaking. It is difficult to describe (funny how much I went on the poet and the pendulum). A very powerful and emotional processing and an excellent conclusion of the album. 10/10
      Concluding Remarks: For those who have doubts about Nightwish is in a position to come with something new, with their old material, DPP proves them wrong. Then again, there are always those who will be this album regardless. As a hardcore fan of Nightwish, I had very high standards when I started listening, but they were all met. Anette is a great singer and Nightwish is as good as ever. Recommended for all metal fans.

  4. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Nightwish is moving on…and I will follow…
    I became a Nightwish fan late in the game, meaning I missed the drama over the band’s split with the beautiful, talented Tarja, (the former lead singer) and started down a new…

  5. Walden says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Phenomenal Album!
    This album is a incredible piece of work and quite possibly the best album I have ever heard. It is Nightwish’s first album with new vocalist Anette Olzon, who I actually prefer…

  6. Basil says:

    This is a very special album for those who assume that is … I was not sure what to expect, but the assessment form the image of the artists there will be online quite a ride! I loved all the songs and the marriage of orchestra with a carbide and some believe that the dialogue that I feel as if I were just a raunchy version of Lord of the Rings.
      I can this album enough for those who believe that symphonic power metal is delish, I'm such a person. There is also a funny coincidence, like so many bizarre and cool at the same time, musicians from Finland, it is a place for creative existence.
      poet and the pendulum is wonderful, starts as a rather sinister story is reminiscent of films like “The Company of Wolves”, which is a dark take on the small Red Ridinghood more than one can literally hear the snow falling softly whispers reeling in the bait, followed by something dark brooding near. This is supported by a glorious army of guitars tear from the audience to believe, on a battlefield, sound and energy. The last part of the song reminds me of one of my favorite fantasy films “Kull the Conqueror”, which is a glorious combination of orchestra and metal. The vocals are sweet and powerful, the sound sparkle like a blade of an ax ready to strike imaginary forces. The song is loud and long with many different issues and dynamics, of a sad cello mosh pit at a showdown.
      7 days of the Wolves is a fantastic piece, it's different I know, is so different, in fact, that people can be difficult to understand but I can blast it as loud as my poor ears, and it makes me go even faster if I can hear it on my iPod. There is no way that I can hear, and not feel like I'm in another universe. The guitars are pure joy, and give the song a movie like the feeling for someone who loves this tasty morsel soundtracks. The violin in this one song, about halfway thought almost made me cry when she was standing with the guitar, not to mention the vocals on, oh man … good stuff.
      The best part of this album is a crazy mix of sounds, from the war in the battle ballet music and ballads with an edge, this is a cool music. Honestly, I love the music, but the two pieces I cut a little, my favorite, even my father like Nightwish, but hey he is a cool guy, in the Martial Arts and the funky stuff film, so it makes sense! For all the picky critics are, go to RIP but it is just as important as everyone understands it, I do not want any of them, it is common and washed, Nightwish I respect what they are for the creation how to listen, and I'm proud that I love all their creations. The effort and creativity to breathe in this album, the full chorus and the idea that what I am to a large string section adds seductive and charming fairy tale like that by a little heavy metal and presto, a winner!
      Happy listening, do not forget your battle ax …
      – Kasia S.

  7. Josie says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Dark Passion Play…..An Astonishing,Brilliant Masterpiece!
    Nightwish’s Dark Passion Play is by far the band’s greatest work to date.It is an astonishing musical masterpiece and is nothing short of being completely brilliant.

  8. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best yet.
    Interesting a lot of the fans of this band are unhappy with the new vocalist Annette Olzon. I have always admired this band, as they become one of the great alternatives to…

  9. Timila says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Ruined by new Singer
    This cd is ruined by the new singer, who is very bland in her own right.
    When compared to the original singer she is comes up very short.

  10. Ubaydullah says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    New Singer is Perfect
    Nightwish was good, but they are the perfect orchestral goth band with their new singer. This is their best album so far.

  11. Joy says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fantastic Album
    Why this band isn’t killing in the US is beyond me. What an awesome sound!

  12. Zeus says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I Love This CD!
    Well, I had never listened to Nightwish before ordering Dark Passion Play, and boy was I hooked!!! The music is varied, with great heavy, guitar-laden songs, like Master Passion…

  13. Wing says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Someone else’s opinion
    Unlike most people that have reviewed this CD, I believe that this is one of, if not, the best CD Nightwish has put out.

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