Oldest rocker in town – Heavy Metal Nonno

Oldest rocker in town – Heavy Metal Nonno

25 responses to “Oldest rocker in town – Heavy Metal Nonno”

  1. Ravenn266 says:

    Up the Irons!

  2. Peachillo says:

    Van Halen 4 life!!!

  3. DiscensVivere says:

    What a guy! I hope I will be able to do the same when I’m old.

  4. Bear261186 says:

    Keep it brutal owen

  5. arawnsionthompson says:

    dude!! rock on dude, never give up on metal, metal 4 life.

  6. FesteringFiesta says:

    thats wicked

  7. horrorka says:

    wooooow *_*

  8. MetalHeathen85 says:

    Me too, assuming I can still hear past age 65.

  9. BigDer19 says:

    this brings a tear to my eye….

  10. MetalHeathen85 says:

    This man is the coolest! His son’s a good drummer too. Yes, I like jazz in case you were wondering. But normally, the 80-something parent would be the one who likes jazz or swing music, with the 50-something son being into rock & metal! It’s a “STRANGE WORLD”, to quote a song title from Iron Maiden’s 1st album.

  11. MetalHeathen85 says:

    and you trolls know no bounds

  12. MetalHeathen85 says:

    YES! Good one, 2shae1980

  13. gearsofwar2201 says:

    lol good man

  14. NESMASTER14 says:

    hell fuckin yea, man!

  15. iRawr666 says:

    yeaa <3

  16. lolnumpty says:

    WOOOOO yea this oldie is the best kind of oldie !

  17. z4tchb3ll says:

    he’s great and so cute also! ^_^

  18. gothhelpus says:


  19. ADAMKTN says:


  20. CrippledPotato says:

    is so cool!
    i mean.
    you’d never hear him whine about ‘ young kids listen to such noise these days’

    rawking man, !!!

  21. dthmetalrox says:

    the coolist old dude ever

  22. MetalHeathen85 says:

    LOL Exactly!

  23. MetalHeathen85 says:

    Man, I must have watched this about 100 times in the last 4 days! LOL Never gets dull, just a great & inspiring story. Always lifts my spirits.

  24. lozairakija says:

    thats so cool right on :)

  25. FinPantera says:

    Wow :o

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