On the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation Reviews

On the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation (2CD / 2DVD)

Filmed during their successful Scarsick tour in Paradiso, Amsterdam (Netherlands), this release contains the full concert on one DVD and a documentary and pic gallery on a separate DVD. A dynamic show of one of the leading bands in the genre of metal and progressive rock. The documentary will mark the end and the beginning of a period in the life of Pain of Salvation.This is the limited edition with two DVDs and a double live CD.


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  1. Edgar says:

    After waiting an eternity for this version, I was so pumped to finally in the e-mail. The documentation is really great and offers a very authentic experience back stage with the band. The live CD / DVD is absolutely amazing, and an opportunity for someone in the states in which PoS previously refused to tour, to see really how talented this band is live (apart from Daniel's hilariously awful lot of banter)! Watching Daniel sing and play the rhythms on the “handful of Nothing” is a clear highlight, as well as their rendition of “Hallelujah” and a chill version of “Undertow”.
      Definitely recommend Pain of Salvation and progressive rock fans.

  2. Galia says:

    I have this on 2 April, and it still has not come, or has been shipped, not yet. It is a brand new live DVD, and I wonder why it has not been sent. I'd driven to a local BestBuy or whatever and grabbed On – Heck, they could do, and the ship is for me … but they increase the time it will take to this ship. Why is this issue so difficult for them to find? Has anyone on the forklift or something?

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