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  1. Taber says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    An anthem of Metal
    This album is quite good, not one of my favorites, but has 2 songs that are an anthem for metal music, one is the record selftitle Blackwater Park, and the other is Patterns in…

  2. Woodrow says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent and deep
    Being relatively new to the band, I did not expect the amazing depth of the music. I would prefer to have more “clean” vocals as I am not a big fan of the growls, but in most…

  3. Tad says:

    I have other _Blackwater Park_ here I will be primarily on the Limited Edition … The Limited Edition comes with a second CD with two new songs and a video to your PC. The two new songs are great. The first is “Still day under the sun”, another track, the band unlimited ability to write beautiful music. All acoustic, the song is the best because of how well the singer Mikael Åkerfeldt has become. His frail voice from the days of _Orchid's_ rare moments of clean vocals have become a chilling, bardic singing and beauty area. The second song is “Patterns in the Ivy II”, a fitting continuation of the eerie silence from _Blackwater Park_. This is not an instrument as part of one, and it is mainly with occasional acoustic electric sparkle. Like on “Still Day …”, Akerfeldt experiments with his voice a bit – he sings higher, Melisma a bit, and with interesting vocal harmonies. These songs make me even more excited for the upcoming “Mellow” Opeth album, _Damnation_ to be released in March 2003. There is also a video clip for the song “Harvest”. It is not about a music video, per se, just a few shots of the band in the studio with producer Steven Wilson. You can see the band some snacks to eat, play some PlayStation and work on music. Opeth is simply one of the largest, most innovative metal bands of all time, and they certainly Trump the swarms of “Re-progressive” metal bands out there. Their juxtaposition of breathtaking beauty and devastating metal makes them just about the most powerful force in music. If you have never been tested before, I can think of no better time to do so. If you are a hardcore fan, you will not want one of the new songs here slip away (remember. .. limited edition!). A must-have for everyone!

  4. Odelya says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The ultimate Opeth album
    Although it is difficult to rank Opeth’s albums (because they’re all incredible), I would argue that this album is one of the greatest albums they ever made.

  5. Iram says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    In my initial approach to metal with non-clean vocals, I was very turned off. The vocals, to me, were an enormous distraction, that made the music underneath difficult to enjoy…

  6. Bat says:

    Opeth's fifth album shoots for the stratosphere, not only from metal, but rock music in general. Most bands that try something so great are doomed to failure, but Opeth has up to this date more than four increasingly great albums. With the addition of ambient effects by producer Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree and No-Man fame), Opeth's complex rules Sonic take more space, an element that gives the already impressive music with an extra emotional push. Misery has never sounded so good.
      With an average length of more than 8 minutes, Blackwater Park requires more attention than some listeners can dedicate to the effort. It is not that the album is slow, after a threatening 30-second fade-in, The Leper Affinity first blast furnace of the distorted guitar and drums punishment provides a wave of extreme metal fury. But after a few minutes of thunderous power satisfaction, the mood abruptly shifts from anger to Gothic, poetic sadness. Acoustic guitars take over and Akerfeldt voice changes from a throaty roar to a warm and soft near-Croon. Layers, as these can be jarring and disheartening, Opeth, but they lead with such grace and sensitivity that they seem inevitable. Both the heavy and light halves are owned by the same dark mood, and together they make for a far more complex and interesting than it is completely different. In accordance with the Leper Affinity glides on an elegant piano outro, listeners were already more than most albums are getting it – and there is much more beauty to come.
      The rest of the album follows a similar pattern. Bleak exotic lead riffs duel all the way into a warm chorus and fade with alarmingly lo-fi guitar sounds courtesy of Wilson. Harvest is an all-acoustic piece, but the mood is similar, with understated but effective guitar work. The textile retail case is perhaps the highlight of the plate, because it shifts the most extreme, totally progressive on the midsection and a memorable melody on the whole run. Dirge for November begins with the fragile, beautiful guitar fill of the album so far, before thundering into the body of the song, and ends the same way. The funeral portrait is a rhythmic, propulsive efficiency, angry piece riffery than anything since the beginning of the album, but towards the end of its elegance is coming back in some richly orchestrated vocal harmonies. Patterns in the Ivy is a stunning little interlude, with all the intimate power of Pink Moon-era Nick Drake, and developed so competently that the squeal of the guitar strings Akerfeldt become a part of music. Finally we come to the same, epic closer, which are crushed with a superlative Groove, frightens a horror film midsection again extreme power metal, and finally ends the album with an understated, beautiful acoustic guitar bits. The serenity of the conclusion is great, wrapping all the force of the previous hour with grace.
      Blackwater Park is almost certainly the best metal album of the decade to date, but there is more. Stacked with the best Led Zeppelin records, Blackwater has its own park. It is difficult that good. If you listen to it with headphones on, additional nuances of pop and you could swear you have never heard a better recording. Any fan of rock music should not be without them. Highlight tracks (almost arbitrary decisions when all the material this strong): The Leper Affinity, The Drapery Falls, patterns in the Ivy.

  7. Jafaru says:

    Opeth is probably the most talented band today in the whole death metal / progressive scene. I am not exaggerating when I say this. Mikael? Kerfeldt, who is the singer, guitarist and group leader, is a genius. His voice may be the best Death Metal Growl I have ever heard on this amazing clean vocals in the same song. This clean, “PROG” vocals sound similar, maybe better, then Maynard James Keenan of Tool. And his guitar playing, you ask? He is one of the best guitarists in metal today, probably even in the music at the moment. Rhythm guitarist Peter Lindgren is the James Hetfield of 2000, (in terms of music). He plays very behind? Kerfeldt. Martin Mendez on bass, it is considered the best in death metal, and Martin Lopez is one of the best drummer in the Death Metal. His double pedal is so fast and crazy as everyone can go. The rhythm section in Opeth is extremely underrated, and if I needed a dream Death Metal band, I want those two guys in the rhythm section. All 5 of these guys (and only added keyboardist) on the most talented group of musicians I have ever heard.
      But what makes Opeth, so creative and unique is the combination of Death Metal and Prog in 10-minute songs. And unlike some other bands with many talented members who are not covered by (Audioslave), Opeth makes the best music. They mix some classic elements. These ten minutes songs are not the basic verse-chorus-verse structure, but more like movements. In these ten minutes songs, they show their talent without error. That is exactly what these guys in every album they have released. The thing is, they seemed to have done it a little better in 2001, “Blackwater Park”. Everything just seems so much better. Not just better than Opeth's back catalog (which is hard to better), but it's better than anything else, what you hear. If you are interested in buying this album, then everything you've ever heard, only a few solid, and you will be exposed to this musical genius, or as I like to call them, artists.
      This masterpiece begins with “The Leper Affinity”. Probably one of the best songs Opeth, this begins with a brutal riffs and death metal vocals, and 5 minutes into the song, it shifts to this progressive, clean vocals. After the song, at least for me, my mouth was just the word. What a song. But then “Bleak” is in. Another masterpiece Opeth, and one of my personal favorites on this album. “Harvest” is next, and shifted to the soft part of the prog album. Only 6 minutes is too long (which is short for Opeth), this prog masterpiece is what I thought I would never say, beautiful. “The Drapery Falls” is another combination of Death Metal and Prog, and a fan favorite. “Dirge for November” and “The Funeral Portrait” follow. I like Dirge, but it is really not the best on the album, but hey, it's a great nevertheless. “The Funeral Portrait” is more than death metal prog, and my favorite on the album. “Patterns In The Ivy” is a short piano composition, which is just perfect in this album. 12 minutes The title track follows, and hats from the best album in the 00'S.
      So, what are you waiting for. Everyone who has this album, with the exception of the few moron who do not know good music when they hear, so that it is a masterpiece. It can not be declared as normal human music, because it is simply too good. It remains in the popular opinion as the best and Opeth breakout album. It is also considered the best album of the 00's. I can only agree. Who is in death metal prog or already has, but if you like classical music, rock or classical music at all, you should use in this band. This album is the perfect place to start. Then get Opeth's back catalog, because it is just so good. These guys are already legends, and if they continue to albums as they are, they could be considered the greatest band of all time. Not yet, but they have the opportunity. So, this album is … now!
      This version is an expanded, limited edition one. When I saw that I immediately had my grubby fingers on it. The two B-sides were only available either on vinyl or rare, hard to find singles. This version is out, and it is certainly worth extra money. The first song is 4 minutes “Still day under the sun.” That is all acoustic, to the side of Opeth, in 2003 on their joint album, “Damnation”. It is a great song, and I am surprised it is not the original Blackwater Park lineup. The second B-side “Patterns In The Ivy II”, is a continuation of the first. Also it is also acoustic and clocking of 4 minutes. Another great song. Then there is a multimedia track for the “Harvest”, the Opeth, the first music video. The video is very cool, and it is for every Opeth fan video or music freak. All in all, these extra two pins and the music video are worth the extra money, because it is important, just like any other Opeth album. Buy it! And amazed.

  8. Yalitza says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Opeths Blackwater Park
    This may be one of the best Metal albums there is. Opeth seem to have a great skill as song writers, and this album proves that more than no other.

  9. Anonymous says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    The “Devil’s Diaphragm” SUX and ruins everything it touches!!
    I have heard Death metal growl-style vocals referred to as “The Devil’s Diaphragm” so that is what I mean by the above.

  10. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    As a lover of many different types of music from rock to classical to reggae to hip hop and everything in between, I must say that this album is a masterpiece.

  11. Kaida says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good stuff – extra tracks worth it
    These Swedish prog-metal masters/closet folkies are a breed apart and a cut above just about any band that might get mentioned in the same breath.

  12. Damien says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Opeth Perfects Themselves
    Words cannot really describe just how great this cd is.I am completely floored by the precise musicianship of these guys.

  13. Prue says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    opeth, as usual…
    i’m warning you; after listening to opeth, your whole perception of music might change.and blackwater park is the right place to start this change.

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