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  1. Yukiko says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars

  2. Xiuhcoatl says:

    It's about time! Back Benatar remaster were fairly bad, sound like they were drawn randomly from a source and not from the original master tapes. The 1999 “synchronistic hikes” anthology, although an excellent collection of hits and rarities, was simply incompatible with the remastering. “Love Is A Battlefield”, for example, sounded rather flat for a so-called remaster. The same could be said for “We Belong” and most other tracks. Then there was the year 2002 “Classic Masters” release. Finally I thought, Capitol has it right, because I had other “Classic Masters” versions of other acts and was very impressed. Capitol is also not too impressed with his rather flat mastering treatment.
      “Greatest Hits” has been digitally remastered by Evren Goknar @ Capitol Mastering, Hollywood. Strangely, Evren Remastered 1999, the “wanderings Synchronstic” anthology. However, Evren has a much better job on this 2005 Release! The differences in some tracks are striking. The audio is rich, full, clear and sharp – unknown depths in previous versions.
      Capitol FINALLY has it right with this version! Benatar While many fans may be reluctant to have a “hits” release from rockers the audio quality alone should hopefully be enough to lure some of the music lovers.
      I dived this CD in the hope that my players I would not be abandoned. From the beginning of the hearing heavy drum beats of “Heartbreaker” I knew I was in a real treat! The remastering is superb! Finally we get “Love Is A Battlefield” and “We Belong” with depth and reach! “Shadows Of The Night” has never been so hard! It's nice to have here, is it better in the single version. “Invincible” actually has the typical intro. It has always sounded compressed and flat before. Ah, “Le Bel Age” is breathtaking, with its bass and drums! Who knew this kleine'86 hit had so much kick! All tracks sound almost faultless!
      My only complaint is that this collection for most of Pat's greatest hits selection is missing from the 1990s, especially gems like “True Love” and “Somebody's Baby” . Perhaps it would have been better than the title of “Greatest Hits 1979 – 1989″ with another hits collection to a few months later, the remaining matches of the host and other strong album cuts.
      The liner notes are comments from other artists, like Lisa Marie Presley, Tori Amos, and Martina McBride.
      In addition Capitol have decided to use single versions of tracks to choose, perhaps for the time since the release is 20 tracks and clocking in 10 seconds short of 80 minutes. While some people cringe in versions, most of them work here. However, I must say I've never been happy that the single version of “Love Is A Battlefield” because it sounds hacked with the fade-out. Perhaps the full-length version will surface on a future Remastered version. The Tracklisting:
      01 Heartbreaker (Single Mix)
      02 We Live For Love (Single Edit)
      03 Hit Me with Your Best Shot
      04 Hell is for Children
      05 Treat Me Right
      06 you better run
      07 Fire and Ice
      08 Promises In The Dark
      09 precious time
      10 Shadows Of The Night (Single Edit)
      11 Little Too Late (Single Edit)
      12 Looking For A Stranger
      13 Love Is A Battlefield (Single Edit)
      14 We Belong
      15 Ooh Ooh Song (Single Edit)
      16 Invincible (Theme From “The Legend of Billie Jean”)
      17 sex as a weapon
      18 Le Bel Age (Single Edit)
      19 All Fired Up (Single Edit)
      20 One Love (Song Of The Lion) (Single Edit)
      Capitol Well, how about Pat the entire catalog remastering treatment? 5 / 1 would be nice!

  3. Phoenix says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Greatest Hits by Pat Benatar
    This is one of the greatest rock hit CD’s every! Pat Benatar is the greatest. And the best is it was requested by a 9 year old. Just to show you the best of the best ROCK ON!!!!

  4. Vicky says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    All I can say is this: It’s about freakin’ TIME
    I believe rather strongly, that it was the music of Pat Benatar that took me down the road to love music to the degree that I do now that I have managed to make it a career…

  5. Kaede says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    too long
    a very good cd but towards the end it starts mellowing out big time, could easily cut about 4-5 songs out and then it would be nothing but hits

  6. Nuru says:

    Finally, a disc Greatest Hits by Pat Benatar that not only all of their Top 40 hits, but the one I was looking for “Le Bel Age”, although not top-40-he peaking at # 54 was the song on MTV that finally my interest. Lighter than most of their earlier hits, but it was peppered with guitar-driven music, which make it one of the 80's most formidable women. Or should I say Invincible?
      Their debut single “Heartbreaker” with its racing guitar line, makes the song almost like a punk “Paranoid.” This song with its distinctive vocal styles, Nice and rough, and a higher pitch voice disco. # 23 for this song? No way! Higher? Way! That was followed by “We Live For Love”, which, like some of their other songs, sounds like what Blondie would already be happy if they want the hard-rock, or Berlin, if they are hard-Edge count in the three and pray. This cruelty, including some awesome guitar work by Neil Girardo, her producer / guitarist, they eventually marry, is also in “Promises In The Dark,” which only peaked at # 38th
      Then came her first Top Ten hit, and that they are usually associated with. No, not an anthem for death row inmates on firing squad, but “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” had the right tone, distinctive crunchy hard guitar chords, pop hooks, Pat's gritty voice and a catchy chorus make it to # 9 and gold sales.
      Before Suzanne Vega's “Luka”, Benatar has its own sobering story of child abuse in “Hell is for children.” She is stronger and more blunt: “You should not have to pay with your bones and flesh, “” Be Daddy's Girl and do not tell me one thing mom. “in comparison to Vega's lyricism. “You Better Run,” a cover of the Rascals vocals, crunching guitar is harder than “Best Shot” in this angry song against a partner who is not good. This just the Top 40, two positions.
      The # 18 “Treat Me Right” has a rhythm section reminiscent of Blondie's “Call Me”, which came a year earlier. This could explain the existence of the Blondie / Pat Benatar compilation back to back. “Shadows of the Night”, with its first Acapella Chorus, and the explosion of guitars and synths, is a step in the synth / rock ballad genre before Bon Jovi, Cher, and others ran with him in the mid to late 80s.
      Holly Knight co-wrote a Benatar highest chart hits, the # 5 “Love Is A Battlefield”, which they later on her solo album. With its quick tempo on drums and keyboards especially, it's no wonder, but also peaked at # 1 on the rock charts for four weeks. The other was the high level of “We Belong”, the rock ballad dynamics in conjunction with keyboard fills.
      Rockabilly meets synth-pop of the infectiously danceable “Ooh Ooh Song”, which inexplicably only the # 35th By the time I have around Pat Benatar, her career is already in its final phase. Thank you to my friend George, who loaned me his copy of Seven the hard way, I have had her. I would have the anthemic “Invincible,” the theme to the film Helen Slater The Legend of Billie Jean. The other single, “Sex as a weapon”, was a blow against the use of men and women with their models BODs things to sell, so the chorus goes “the use of sex as a weapon / Love is more than one species reflection. ”
      But now listen to “All Fired Up” from Wide Awake In Dreamland, I found that none of their fire-only her audience, as the song reached # 19. The pounding drums and insistent guitar attack, which led to a renunciation of self-affirmation, first softly, then finally, in her usual style: “I think there comes a time in which everything is in line / we live and learn from our mistakes / our deepest cuts are healed by fate. ”
      For the frustrated by some songs are missing from other compilations, eg Best Shots, or other, like all Fired Up or synchronistic hikes that too much material for Greatest Hits me the best recording of compilations.

  7. Lindsay says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Pat Benatar has good classic rock
    I think that Pat Benatar has a good voice, last month I saw her in concert and I thought that she was really good.

  8. Annissa says:

      to say Pat Benatar, the first page state Greatest Hits CD was a disappointment would be a vast understatement.
      Best Shots on Halloween of 1989, the beginning of a week-long prime-time co-hosting Stint on MTV, and the publication of “One Love” as a single (borrowed from her previous studio offering, 1988s Wide Awake In Dreamland), but to all those who scan Tracklisting been scratching their heads as to why the missing half of their hits.
      In what seemed like a showcase for the “schlock rock”-ish selection from her back catalag (a genre, then enjoy the last burst of chart domination), Chrysalis Records and possibly Benatar is ignoring some of their biggest singles and sucked the fun right out that ten years on retrospective. However, the only official, Single Disc Benatar collection, it went on to a platinum-seller.
      Cut back almost 16 years. The worldwide market has been flooded with no fewer than 30 generic “EMI Special Markets” compilations, a result of Chrysalis Records, which folded in the early'90s, during their entire back catalog vulernable not only, uh, whored-out. All these versions feature notoriously ugly, cheap, adds, Random track selection and poor sound quality, recycling of old analog broadcasts. You sure have a lot of cool peoples desire for “another” Greatest Hits CD (especially, are likely her fans), Capitol Records, but has now finally the DEFINITIVE compilation of Pat Benatar.
      you need this CD.
      Pat Benatar: Greatest Hits is their first official single-disc collection, because Best Shots. It features all 12 songs on the release (the last 3 were CD-only bonus parts from the One Love single stapled to entice buyers to opt for the growing market-CD), and 8 more results inexplicably not on that the release.
      All 15 top of their Billboard Top 40 singles are here along with other major tracks, and they sound fantastic. This is not a repackaging of the same old tracks to make a quick dollar. Clocking in just 10 seconds at maximum capacity (which is 79:50), all tracks have been digitally remasted and with a blow to all previously unheard recent release. Capitol has succeeded in this title to today's standards. This also marks the first appearance of the superior “Treat Me Right” remix single on CD.
      The artwork and the layout is excellent, with an icon selection of photos, based on metallic silver and black stock, topped with simple red and white lettering. The booklet contains a well-written summary of Pat's Bio importance in the world of music, and a selection of attributes from the lengthy like Tori Amos, Lisa Marie Presley, and (finally) an accurate and detailed Billboard chart history.
      This is the only Pat Benatar CD casual listeners will ever need, and there are many fans here, happy to roll up the Capitol full-length album remaster series.

  9. Philip says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The perfect single-disc collection of Benatar in her prime
    THE BAND: Pat Benatar (vocals) and Neil Giraldo (guitars, keyboards) on all tracks… and over the years – Scott St.

  10. Hajari says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Pat Benatar CD is great to workout to
    I bought this CD because I love always loved Pat Benatar’s music. I don’t think she’s ever done a song I didn’t like.

  11. Damalis says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    LOVE IT !!!!
    I’ve been wanting her Greatest Hits collection for some time. She is one of my favorites. I was not disappointed.

  12. Denna says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A solid greatest hits album, but get “Synchronistic Wanderings” instead
    If you’re reading this review, then you’re probably looking for an introduction to the music of Pat Benatar – maybe you’ve heard “Heartbreaker” on the radio or maybe you’ve played…

  13. Ryker says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Most songs ok, needs longer version of Shadows Of The Night
    Shadows of the night is the short version on this CD. I would download the longer version. Otherwise the CD contains a collection of very good music. I highly recommend it.

  14. Paul says:

    Hi all,

    Now the question is: the ultimate collection (2cd) from 2008, is this also remastered?

    I’ve bught too many Benatar compilations to get ripped off again !

    I’d love to hear Diamond Mine in all it’s glory !!

  15. Shannon says:

    Ever hear of new music Pat and Neil instead of serving up the same ol’ slop – Pat says she’s not a fan having to sing (hear) Hit Me w/best shot…does she think we want to hear the same OLD tunes time and time again anymore than she wants to sing them? I’m over it – digitaltize it, add reverb – whatever – it’s still the same, the same, the same.

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