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A Night at the Opera

essential recording
Nothing succeeds like excess–at least that’s the case with Queen’s breakthrough classic, A Night at the Opera. On one level, the title is a reference to the band’s operatic pretensions, best in evidence here on the classic “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which was championed by headbangers a generation before being revived by the Wayne’s World set. Of course, A Night at the Opera was also the title of a Marx Brothers movie, and the reference isn’t lost on Queen, who seldo (more…)

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  1. Umika says:

    Although “Bohemian Rhapsody” is the Queen song that almost every person in the world knows, the album that made it as a whole offers many other types of tracks, each better than the next. Queen combines classic sounds of rock n roll-inspired Outlook, from the fade-in the piano cycle “Death on two legs” on the Rockin ' “I'm in love with my car.” It is difficult to see exactly in what direction the band, with this album, I believe that they are still experimenting with sound in this phase. That would explain why some of the songs (eg “… Rhapsody” and “The Prophet's Song”) are so mulitlayered and over the top, while others ( “You're My Best Friend” and my favorite, the sweet “Love Of My Life”) are a little easier. All in all, a great rock album, one of the first that I am addicted to the Queen sound. It has a little bit of everything for the many different musical tastes.

  2. Myfanwy says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    the most important rock opus of the 70s
    If you wanted a powerfully insightful even compelling satire on the hypocrsy and outright banality of political, cultural even moral thinking in the modern west just at this…

  3. Humbert says:

    While progressive rocker May, the first to substantial injections bombast in the rock, the Queen, to the bombast of an art, and one of the greatest rock albums in the process to be done. Although there is bombast, there is also beauty, and the Queen that a rock album could be a wide variety of styles and be successful. This album is a crucial part of any rock collection.
      The album begins with the first of three rockers, “Death on two legs.” This song has an excellent metal poetry that eschews mumbled and garbled text for clarity and allusion. The words contain gems from start to finish, like the line “You're a sewer-rate decay in a cesspool of pride.” Guitars scream and wail and Queen's harmonies are quite liberal in the past. Nevertheless, this song remains a part of the fun and keep a twinkle in the eye of his musical. The other heavy rocker is an ode to the Muscle Cars. “I'm in love with my car” is a perfect cruising song with crunchy guitars and Roger Taylor's roaring vocals. The two songs are different, but an end to the anchor Queen's musical spectrum. Even 1991 is a remix of this song. There are some differences between the songs, but I think I still prefer the original. The third rocker is “Sweet Lady”. The third song is loud and fast, but less inspired than the majority of music on this album.
      After “Death on two legs” is the first of three songs, the quirky, fun and kind of clear the palate of sound between songs. “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” is an ode to the era of flappers and speakeasies. “Seaside Rendezvous” is in a similar way, and even after a rocker. Roger Taylor and Freddie Mercury vocal interpretations both of the tools that are remarkably effective and fun. The third title in this sense is “Good Company”, after “Love Of My Life.” This song has vocals by Brian May, together with a ukulele. This song has a musical style similar songs of the 1930s, but with sufficient electronic effects to remind you that the song is characterized by that time but was only at this time. For reasons I am unable to explain this song is a perfect lead-in to “Bohemian Rhapsody”.
      “You're My Best Friend” and “Love Of My Life” are two love ballads, which show a further possibility of the Queen. “You're My Best Friend” was released as a single through the interesting song “'39″ and reached # 16 on the pop singles chart. Freddie Mercury's vocals for the emotional kick of this song and this song is one of the best Queen's. “Love Of My Life” is in a similar manner and with Brian May playing the harp. This song is also beautiful and emotional, and in many ways is stronger than “Love Of My Life.” In retrospect, I think this song would be released as a single and would have done well. This version of the CD includes a 1991 remix of “You're my best friend.” I am unable to discern any significant difference between the two versions, and hence the complement is the minimal value.
      There is a song that is hard to categorize. “God Save the Queen” Brian May is the interpretation of the English national anthem. Guitars dominate in this short piece, which somehow is a thank you to the Queen and country.
      Although the remaining three songs are quite different from each other, they have one thing in common that they are among the more experimental tracks on this CD, and as a fan of progressive rock, I think they are among the best tracks on this disc.
      The first of these songs is “'39.” I have many interpretations of this song, which is a variant of the country-rock with some other styles to a very unique song. I saw a review comparing the style of Paul McCartney, and I see the relationship. I could also a comparison to the Eagle's Joe Walsh years. The harmonies remind me just a little of the Moody Blues.
      the next title in this category is “The Prophet's Song”, a masterpiece of Progressive Rock 8:21. Brian May with a toy koto, an unusual instrument, which gives a gentle introduction to the Asian variant. This song is also an a cappella singing of Freddie Mercury, the fascinating and adds to the many aspects of this song, with a rocking chair at the end.
      The third song is the kind of bombastic rock classic “Bohemian Rhapsody”. This song is phenomenal as a parody of glam rock, or it may be under a rock group, the fear of the exercise of their art as they saw fit. The pseudo-opera elements are wonderful and sometimes scary and always fascinating. The harmonies are excellent and wonderfully exaggerated. If ever a song recorded everything good about rock music, here it is. This song chart for the first time in 1976 and reached # 9 The second time the song chart was in 1992 when it reached # 2 You have a kind of feeling about the song regardless of whether the reaction is one of awe and aversion, but also us, the fans of Queen and progressive rock in general this love.
      Queen hit pay dirt with this album, which reached # 4 on the POP Albums Chart. This album is simply the best Queen album, displays the talents of four individuals were able to be able to come together and stay together until Freddie Mercury died. While the Queen had many great songs that they had at least one great album, and that was it.

  4. Zuwena says:

    Ah. What could I say where do I begin? So much to say, that's been said a thousand times before. The year was in 1975. Queen had previous 3 albums released by the good to amazing. They had done everything – Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk-esque ragtime, Caribbean, funny, operetic, poppy, ballady, and honestly, it was all very experiemental and worked beautifuly. Where is the Queen, to expirimentation with all they had done in previous albums?
      somewhere good.
      Where Queen found all their creativity, I doubt we will ever know. Freddie Mercury was a genius musician. He excelled at piano and songwriting. The extent of his voice to say, because it is my opinion possibly the greatest voice of all time. He could do vocally how this album would be. One problem that the bands with superpowers like Freddie's face is always that any other member or the band will be overshadowed or just frankly not good. Oh, but that was not the queen. Brian May, and certainly not the greatest guitarists of all time, was still amazingly good. Some of the most creative and signature riffs there. John Deacon is often overlooked, but his bass playing is really first class and his songs were also very good. Roger Taylor was the glue that held the band together as good a drummer as any could hope to meet. He even lent a hand out and singing again when he wanted.
      Oh. I seem to have driven the subject. If you do not feel like it ignore those paragraphs called “because they are not really important. I guess I will be the songs on this CD a rating.
      1st Death on two legs – Freddie sure knew how to build an album. classical sounding piano riff leads to a total of more than mere noise and fury, the guitar is on the very edge of exploding. Then again to a beautiful piano riff and some sweet guitar Brian May lickage. The lyrics in this song are first class. A furious stab in the back tape manufacturers. honestly this song is one of your favorites. 9.5/10
      2nd Lazing on a Sunday afternoon – absolutely ridiculous! Freddie Mercury was crazy. The Kick A $ $ as “Death on two legs” segue into this super campy and fun piece. It is based on piano and then ends with an amazing three-part guitar solo. It's just so much fun and you will be thrilled to sing along. Great contribution to the album! 9 / 10
      3rd I'm in love with my car – Roger Taylor has always had something to offer the band. this song is pretty intense. The guitar riff is just crazy. It is amazing that Roger Taylor could spirit while playing drums, but some people have such capabilities. He has such a vote, the raspy contrasts so much with Freddie and Brian's. It is a very nice voice nonetheless. This song rocks, and is now available for Lexus commericials, if I am not mistaken. 8.5/10
      4th You're my best friend – the chances are good that you've heard this track deacon. Terrific Bassline. Ok, I admit it – the lyrics are a little corny – but the way Freddie sings it, there is only so much power and beauty. Deacon played on this keyboard, in fact. Wote for his best lady friend. Another, the song and you are ready for a quote. 9 / 10
      5th “39 – when I first heard this song I did not know what to think. An acoustic based song with standup bass in the middle of such an overblown album, as this rather strange. Eventually it dawned to me that this song of simplicity, it was beautiful. Brian May wrote this, and he has the voice. The lyrics are absolutely terrific in this case. The closure is absolutely haunting: “For my life, before, pity me.” This song is really beautiful. Brian May is one of the most beautiful creations. 9.75/10
      6th Sweet Lady – ugh! Brian! What were you thinking? For all the greatness of this album, it's not perfect. Brian May had to throw in this more or less crap filler after one of his greatest songs. This is, as another critic pointed out, Queen trying to show they could rock. Do not get me wrong —
      Queen Rock could. She has a lot of it. This song is just so weak. Even Freddie's vocals do not impress me much, which is rare. This is the only song on the CD, is skippable. The end of the guitar solo is quite good and does a little for the rest a little. Nevertheless, one of Queen's worst songs. 4.5 / 10
      7th Seaside Rendezvous – Freddie ah, way back to the album! It is very much like “lazy Sunday afternoon” in the campiness, but different in every other aspect. The lyrics are funny and amazing. The piano line just works so well with this song. The vocal overdubs are simply great, too. The real highlight, however, is the middle. Freddie plays a woodwind section with his voice, and Roger Taylor plays a horn section with his voice! Really amazing to hear! There was really no end to the talent these guys possessed. 9.75/10
      8th Prophet's Song – Brian makes up for “Sweet Lady” with this. Stars with wooshy some noise, followed by acoustic guitar and a sort of Japanese stringed instrument. Freddie comes with his vocals, the first class. Oh, but it rocks – and the hard rock. This is Queen rocken. the guitar riffs remind me of somethign Native American – esque. A war dance styles. The lyrics are absolutely amazing. Interpret as you would, but I think that they are a very religious topic. Freddie sings it with so much feeling. BUT, the highlight is the hugggge accapella middle. Certainly, it is long. It is certainly exaggerated. But if it is loud enough to sing along and have an open mind will absolutely love it. The song will soon be back to rock surfaces and how they are entered. a real winner. One of Brian May's best. 10/10
      9th Love of my life – the transition from the “Prophet's Song” to this song is so impecabble. It just works so well. beautiful harp piano + + + easy Bassline Freddie's really angel voice = pure success. One of the Queen's greatest songs ever. Freddie brings so much feeling into each word he sings. It is amazing how good his singing spirit line and piano work. The song overdubbs work amazing. This is truly a masterpiece queen. 10/10
      10th Good Company – An interesting transition from the sad “Love Of My Life”. This song is just fun. Have an open ear! I love to sing along to this song, and yes, it will be in your head for days. Some dismiss it as filler, but it has too much filler in them. Jazz-guitar orchestration (a lot of guitars on this one) and ukulele – what more could you want? Answers texts as well – Brian May was perhaps the best lyricist of the band. A great addition to this album. Nice Bass Line. 9 / 10
      11th Bohemian Rhapsody – funny how no one actually says anything about the song. Everyone always says “all heard this song” or “This is the most beautiful, what ever.” Well, maybe not everyone has heard this song, and not everyone understands why it is so amazing. So to say neccesity. tte introducing Freddie overdubbeed four times produced some beautiful vocal harmonies. Then the piano in the line quickly became one of the greatest rock history. Finally we come to “Mama just killed a man” part. This first verse is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Freddie's voice, lyrics, bass, piano and all together into one of the most amazing products immaginable. The entire first and second verses are stunning – really impressive. This is followed by another rock guitar solos on estimated courtesy of Mr. Brian May Immediately recognizable. Brian May was a great way not only hold a solo in a song. Rather, he wrote a song on the determination of the peak, on the basis of the crescendo had led it to – and then exceute. But the song is far from over. It then goes into the most ridiculous and insane some odd minutes in rock history. Over 128 vocal overdubs! Amazing harmonies! Finally, this section boils on the third part of the song, which is part rockt. And it really is queen rocking. You could do it and here it is proved. This part also has very strong lyrics. Finally, Brian has a few runs his guitar and there are some more piano fanfare before it finally returned to a similar atmosphere of the first verse. The lyrics get quieter and quieter and finally, it is only a few nice guitar opening of Brian and piano. At the end it's just piano and vocals Freddie “any way the wind blows” – and with a crash cymbol Roger, it's all over. 12/10
      12th God Save the Queen – A challenge for any band, what song, according to the epic song you have ever written. The only thing that really live, it would be another epic, and that cycle could last forever. Therefore, Queen, making the album with a great piece of guitar orchestration of Brian, which closes the album really well. For tying all loose ends, 9 / 10
      Well, that's a whole lot to say about this album. But it is really amazing, dass If “Night at the Opera” is not in your CD collection by now you should be ashamed. It really is an album that all lovers of classical music to fans of hardcore punks. An incredible album, and possibly Queen's greatest work. Buy It Now. You will wow-ED

  5. Yul says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Perfect Integrating with Classics and Rocknroll
    Perfect Integrating with Classics and Rocknroll, good sense and good test, each member had sing at least one song, very fresh experience and good for listen.

  6. Kaelyn says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Album ROCK”S
    Well I am first gonna say that I am not your normal Queen fan, in fact in my younger years I pretty much hated them.

  7. Sabina says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Gourmet Rock & Roll!
    Listening to this great CD today, I can remember why it was one of my favorite albums in my senior year in HS. Queen really knew how to produce a cohesive album.

  8. Africa says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Why 14 instead of 12???
    I just finished downloading this album, one of my all time favorites, and I noticed that there are 14 tracks instead of 12. The Queen discography states 12.

  9. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Complete Team Effort by Queen
    Looking back at the 1970s, sometimes many forget how big the band Queen was. Even as Queen moved into the 1980s, while their popularity did slightly decline in the United States,…

  10. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    One of the best albums of all time!
    I found this album a bit difficult to get into… at first… but once I did it proved to be a work of unspeakable genius.

  11. Uriah says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Opera, indeed!
    When I first heard this album in a friend’s car several years ago I knew I had to get it! Lively, tongue-in-cheek capering by a group that had so much to offer.

  12. Ethanael says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Night Like No Other
    1975 and NO ONE was doing anything like Queen! This disc had been hinted at with Queen II, implied on Sheer Heart Attack and, finally, fully realized.

  13. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I love this album…
    This album is absolutely wonderful. The only track I skip is “I’m in love with my car”, which is not appealing to me in the least.

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