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There’s not a big precedent for German bands succeeding in the United States, the ’80s bombast-rock of the Scorpions notwithstanding. Rammstein, however, may be the macho men to get the job done, at least in a concert setting. Decidedly Teutonic and militant in sound and lyrics–they sing in German and their commanding semi-industrial metal is compelling–Rammstein garnered rock-radio airplay for the catchy sing-along “Du Hast,” which translates here as “You Hate” and bears a strik (more…)

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  1. Jengo says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I love this album, all the tracks have been added to my playlist.
    The delivery for this item was as prompt as can be.

  2. Syler says:

    I thought that this CD 4 stars, but not-it is a five-star deserves. This was the first CD I ever heard them, I heard it at work one day and loved it. My staff gave it to me, but I really do not know until later. I have it just about the song “Angel” and “Du Hast”, but then it broke and I had to see it again. Now, with a brand new copy, I'm satisfied and finally listen to the entire CD with a lot of love and affection. The first version I had with two bonus tracks: English versions of “Angel” and “Du Hast” whereas my new CD contains a bonus track 'Stripped'. Let's get started, shall we?
      1st Longing (Sehnsucht): Longing is so cruel! You are right when you wrote this text, Till. This song starts the CD is just so BAM! It has the perfect amount of energy and umph that each CD needs to get your attention. I loved the mixed in the Wailing Wall / singing in the background. It's just so catchy. Each of me now: “Longing,”> O
      2nd Angel (Angel): “God knows I do not want an angel,” said the text in the choir. That is, the only song where I know they have a woman singing with them. I wonder what became of the singers from cd … OH! Sorry. Uh, it's a really clever song, I love the whistling that Flake mixed in. Probably a keyboard filter, but you never know. In the English version, they had to re-write the lyrics and so I did not care for it as much. If a band to change what the song is about an appeal to other people who just sad. We should all open to everything.
      3: Tier (Beast): This song about the animal that each person lives inside. Ooooh, catchy and fast with a large opening and chorus. Large mixing and FX throughout the song. Answers and shattered.
      4: Punish Me (Punish Me): When this CD I first heard, I knew nothing about the band and thought that there are two people singing together until I find them clear and there is only one person: Till, one of my idols now-a-days. His vocals here are unbelievable or incredible enough to sound like two separate people @ _ @ This song has great music on it and overall one of the best on the CD.
      5: Du Hast (You Have): Not to be confused with the word “hate” which means “Hate” This song is a lyrical genius to me (despite the repetetivity). The song is to marry and has played on German words in it, so if an English version, they again had to be rewritten and the impact they lost * cries * It is a beautiful melody and is just great. This song was also what she has, more than in America.
      6: Buck Dich (Bend Down): Gotta love this song. It's so catchy and even though I have not seen, I hear that the live performance is a scandal (evily laughs) It's great and has very good articles, too. The music is so cool and again a great blends. Till speaks rhythmically as his fabulous.
      7: Game With Mir (Play With Me) This song is one of the creepiest music I've ever heard. It belongs in some Scary Movie (they are on a lot of soundtracks, so it probably is somewhere) A song about incest, but it is really good, despite that. Really! It is so brooding and foreboding.
      8: Klavier (Piano): This is my favorite song on the CD actually. I think I have a habit of liking the odd of their best songs. This is the most beautiful song on this album and has INCREDIBLE words. It is so touching and poniant. The serious tone and singing style has twice (along with some nice deep hum) are spectacular. The song is about a boy observes a girl playing the piano, and he kills them. It gives me goose bumps, this song is so haunting. The best is when he says, “And when they played, I had my breath,” what this feeling of anticipation and expectation at the same time of turmoil. It's great.
      9: Alter Mann (Old Man): This song has some incredible articles, too. I love how they mix their music, so that they play mega-heavy guitar riffs, but still make it a pretty slow song. You know you're a good musician, if you so. This song is about learing a lesson from an old man. Toughtful and brilliantly done. You know, I think that sometimes I compliment this band too much, but it is really a good job with their music!
      10: Jealousy (jealousy): Oh, no Gothic band without a song about this topic! This time, jealousy is a cannibalistic cuissine! Hurray! Declaration of lines like “I'm nice to my face cut,” and not what he is reduced to a delicious meal until chopped. This song is not for weak hearts, or simply not read the translation.
      11: Kiss me (Fellfrosch) (Kiss Me Furfrog ()) Ah, an interesting song to say the least. It really is a super catchy chorus, and has the strangest sound FX I've ever heard them sound like a cartoon playing in the background or something. It is very catchy and has a great piano / solo techno mix that takes a few seconds, but it is really good! This is a good cruising song. I can totally go in the car-traffic jams on this, not exactly sure, but pleasant.
      And the optional:
      12: Stripped: I believe this is actually a remake, but not that it is less good. It's great, in fact, it is the most addictive songs I've ever heard. After only listening to it twice, I had this song in my head for a week and so has my sister and brother, and they would have heard it only once. It is catchy and the song is really cool. So is the keyboard and guitar on this song. It was really a good choice to, if what it is. Another really good techno solo by Flake. And TADA! We are ready, it's time to press the REPEAT button and listen to this CD again-trust me, you want!

  3. Xiuhcoatl says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    GREAT Band & CD
    This is the THIRD CD of Sensucht that I have purcahsed. I wore the first one out by listening to it WAY too much ;) The second CD got lost in the shuffle in a cross-country…

  4. Galia says:

    Most people were Rammstein fans, in or after hearing the Rammstein song “Du Hast” on the radio. The German group could be the biggest hit single, but there are some other very good songs, and the album as a whole is also very good. And honestly, who cares what “you” is? Do what you want it to mean! Or simply ignore the text and listen to the song, because it is catchy and has good music.
      Rammstein have always been a solid and underrated / overlooked band, since most Americans can not participate in the language barrier. I admit, I could not at first, but then I started listening to it just for the music, and I began to really like “Sehnsucht”.
      “Longing” is the sound of industrial metal done right. Rammstein are not heavy on the synthesizer, they riff more than some industrial bands (ie, Nine Inch Nails) ever dream of. But, unlike some (other) metal bands, Rammstein actual rhythm. The riffs are not dominating or super heavy, and a “chugga chugga” sound, often makes the rhythms worthy of a toe-tapping. Sprinkle on some keyboards and bells, and the result is an album that truly deserves the label “dance metal.”
      The title track throws in some beeping, buzzing synths between the heavy chugging guitar riffs and thumping drums. It is a good, mechanical vibe flowing in this song and this song has a catchy chorus.
      “Angel” is a top-tapping groove, when the guitars and synths kick, but this song is a personal favorite because it uses some pretty female vocals well.
      The beginning and the end of the “animal” sounds partially acoustic, and the middle has more fast, rhythmic chugging guitars.
      “Punish Me”, the riffs are so chunky, they sound like slow buzzsaw riffs. A synth solo is at the end too.
      “Du Hast” has the usual guitar and drum noise, but thanks to the sparkling synthesizer (at the beginning and end), this could be the catchiest song on the album.
      “Buck Dich” with a pounding, booming riffs that are perfect for head banging.
      “game with me,” begins with high vocals and even some violin plucking, and then the crunchy riffs kick in.
      “Klavier” begins with the right lighting and singing, piano keys, but the great power, the vocal chords and an appearance for the brood choirs.
      “Old Man” has repetitive chugga-chugga guitar work, but the drums in the background, an almost aquatic sound.
      “jealousy” with another very catchy rhythm, with grooving guitars. Most of the singing is deep and snarly, but there are some backing vocals that sound almost like laughter.
      “Kiss Me” is, musically, like any other track here, but this song has some animated and almost funny sound effects.
      The hidden track, “Stripped”, sung in German, English, and it is therefore surprising. Plus, the vocals are slow (almost spoken words), so this song is also pretty creepy.
      Also, it would be wise of you to get past the language barrier (or just listen to this CD for the music), because I looked at the online texts, and they are not so great. Other than that, even if they C.D. is solid from front to black. All metal parts have some collections of industrial metal and Rammstein this genre very well, so all metalheads (and all fans of dance and metal bands like KMFDM) should definitely check this album out!

  5. Ulani says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Put some amps into it.
    I’ve been listening to Rammstein for years now.
    Lately they’ve adopted the over-simplified ‘Hate America’ jingoism so popular in Europe and the intelligentsia press,…

  6. Nahuel says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This is an epic album. It has a driving beat in all of the songs. Till’s vocals always sound crisp. The best tracks on this are: Stripped (the version you get may not have this on…

  7. Xhaiden says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great CD
    This cd has always been my favorite. The seller had it processed and delivered faster than I expected. Great work.

  8. Zulema says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    good cd for 1998 and now…they’ve matured
    i had this cd before but i just got it again and i love it.I love all of rammstein’s music.For starters the song ” du hast” in english does mean “you have”.

  9. Damir says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    If your willing to listen, best band in a while.
    Okay now let me explain. Lots of people see something like that and say ‘Geese, obsessed fan.’ But, when you think about it, Rammstein has shown that their skills as both…

  10. Xaviere says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Please people when you hear the song “Du Hast” IT DOES NOT MEAN “You Hate” instead it means “You Have”!

  11. Annis says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good German Rock
    Well I’m half German so I have every right to review this. Rammstein was the most successful German band in the states since Scorpions.

  12. Priti says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Best German Band Ever?
    A new Rammstein album is always a refreshing change of pace from all the regular stuff that is released in a given year.

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