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  • Conquer Thumbnail Image
    2008 was a very good year for Max Cavalera, and a real busy one so to speak. First, he and his brother Igor got back [...]
  • Best of Sammy Hagar Thumbnail Image
    I love listening to Sammy Hagar. This CD is great since it has some of Sammy Hagar's best songs all in one for me to [...]
  • Greatest Hits by Pat Benatar Thumbnail Image
    I love the remastering, I love the deja vu it gives me on road trips, but I really miss the one song that brought me [...]
  • Deliverance Thumbnail Image
    years ago,c.o.c where "my" band back in their hardcore punk days.when they "sold-out" & went metal,i totally tuned out without even hearing where their [...]
  • Best of Sammy Hagar Thumbnail Image
    This is a compilation of songs of the early sammy solo years, the real "red rocker" years. Included in this collection is his song "I've [...]
  • There Is Nothing New Under the Sun Thumbnail Image
    *note* - this review is for the cd as it was originally released: a seven song led zepplin covers ep. since that time they have [...]
  • Bonded by Blood Thumbnail Image
    This is the best thrash album ever made. Listen to Paul Baloff's awesome screaming voice! The guitars shred and contain thick jams like you've never [...]
  • Stag Thumbnail Image
    Don't buy from an american seller on; they charge insane amounts of money! as you may notice! I don't know why this important piece [...]
  • Innamorata Thumbnail Image
    I'll start off by saying that if you are a fan of the eclectic Pat, Pat who did albums such as "Tropico", "Seven the Hard [...]
  • Love Is for Suckers Thumbnail Image
    Twisted Sister is credited as being one of the original and most influential sleaze rock bands ever. But, not all of their records are remembered. [...]