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  • The End of Heartache Thumbnail Image
    I can't believe I actually have to write a review defending this album considering how incredible it is. First off, let's get one thing straight [...]
  • La Sexorcisto-Devil Music Vol. 1 Thumbnail Image
    i LOVE R. ZOmbie's solo work so i thought for sure this would get my rocks off...WRONG! thunderkiss 65 and black sunshine are awesome songs [...]
  • Darkest Day Thumbnail Image
    Obituary's Slowly We Rot and Cause Of Death are considered genre-defining, classic death metal albums. To my ears though, aside from the vocals and "shocking" [...]
  • The End of Heartache Thumbnail Image
    I first got into Killswitch after hearing "When Darkness Falls" and buying their second album, "Alive Or Just Breathing". It was a great CD and [...]
  • Conquer Thumbnail Image
    Wow. I went a while without listening to Soulfly, and this is what happens. I check out the new record, and it is nowhere NEAR [...]
  • 2112 Thumbnail Image
    Again, like many of the posters here, I first heard this while in my early teens, bought the vinyl, became total Rush convert, etc. True [...]
  • IX Equilibrium Thumbnail Image
    Brilliant production and great musicianship lead to the best album of Emperor's career. Plenty of fire still left in the tank on their 3rd full [...]
  • Best of Sammy Hagar Thumbnail Image
    Got this for the wife and she just loves it. Great sound worth every penny!!
  • Hot Space Thumbnail Image
    I absolutely love this album! . This was the first Queen disc I bought upon release (I mooched "The Game" from a friend).

    I had seen [...]

  • Harder...Faster Thumbnail Image
    Harder...Faster; what I want to say would only get censored so lets just say that I knew a most beautiful blonde in highschool that loved [...]