Rush – A Farewell to Kings Reviews

A Farewell to Kings

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  1. Zahavah says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A True Progressive Rock/Metal Masterpiece
    I bought Rush’s 1977 release “A Farewell to Kings” just last month, and I’ve really been listening to it alot since then, it’s just simply amazing, I really love it.

  2. Vian says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    One of the Best Rush Albums Ever!
    One of the greatest moments of Rush was the album “2112″. After that they made this “A Farewell to Kings”. The title track is a great rockin’ track.

  3. Istvan says:

    It's interesting to hear Rush's albums in chronological order, and to hear how things were to progress album by album. After the hearing, which was created on Rush's breakthrough 1976, _2112_, we could see what the band was nice hinted on earlier albums. And here, on the efforts that followed _2112_, we see yet another development.
      On 1977's _A Farewell To Kings_, we see Rush in a more evolutionary time in their letter. For me this album is in many respects, is a little more central than their previous album, in foreshadowing what the band would be famed for albums such as 1981 in _Moving Pictures_. For example, in * sound * value alone, the sounds, here are a lot more to what you hear on the later time, more accessible, streamlined prog rock in the early 80s period. Also, the instrumentation, and how it is treated is important: It was on * this * album where Rush to employ more exotic instruments into their repertoire, and drove like fashion: tubular bells, wind chimes, bass pedal synthesizers, orchestra bells, this type of instruments and airy sounds pretty prominent in _Permanent Waves_ Rush era. And so important was it to * this * album where Rush started strongly in the use of odd time signatures, and the multiple use of them. To be exact, on Rush's second album, 1975's _Fly With Night_ (the first with Neil Peart), the band has to start doodling odd time signatures, but not to the extent of which they are here (and later albums.) _2112_ not show a great use of odd time signatures, so that these things alone you leave convinced of two things: (1). This album was so * * development of a large _2112_. (2). This album is actually * more * important than _2112_ in the definition of the Rush sound of the future.
      The title track begins with Alex Lifeson's wonderful classical guitar, in fact, with classically-inclined progressions. Even within this traditional guitar-filled section, we are treated to multiple time signature changes. Then explodes in an electrical part, which in turn, exhibits some time changes, especially from a rhythm in 4 (common time) to a rhythm in 7 In 11 minutes, “Xanadu” was my first favorite piece extended and Rush is still the case. It has a poetic texts (based on an actual poem) with Lulling glockenspiel, synthesizers Alex Lifeson guitar and a synthesizer effect. This is one of the Dreami, romantic and seductive piece of Rush ever created, if not most. The musicality is exalted: Geddy the seductive vocals and bass, Alex's atmospheric guitar lines, and Neil arsenal of percussive (and how he uses them) to help ensure that this truly unique. “Closer To The Heart” is the radio favorites, and needs no explanation. “Cinderella Man”, written by Geddy Lee. One of the more accessible pieces on the album, there is a groove that seems to be the whole song. “Madrigal” is a dreamy, cosmic, absorb Mellow piece, prepares you for the crazy, spiraling roller coaster known as “Cygnus X-1″.
      This song has to be heard to believe, and is probably the song singlemost intensive Rush catalog. If you want to listen to Neil Peart in his complex and crazy, you have to hear this epic. In three sentences, the musical madness here is rarely anywhere else in the Rush catalog. The time all over the place in this song, from things like 7 / 4 (a mixture of 3, as well as a section in 4), while in sections such as the opening of the third – and final – movement (according to a voltage section), we will contribute to a rhythm in a hardware survey 11 / 8, where E (power) chord (nicely) proposed in violent submission before the switch to F #, then the time swtiches to 12 / 8. This particular motif is repeated a second time (only Neil Peart places the accent elsewhere; excellent as hell), in a manic, rising tension release Wall of Sound, Geddy Lee before achieved, which is probably the most violently shrieking wail in his career. The peak in this song is so huge and frightening, like the “black hole”, as the theme of this route. It is * very * intense stuff, and not for the faint of heart, but also for those who are, in fact, love Rush (pun most definitely intended * *.)
      Indeed, _A Farewell Kings_ is an important album in the Rush catalog, and really knowing the kind of things you would hear on later albums: * It is on this * album that you can see where the band is now on albums like 1978 the _Hemispheres_, 1980 the _Permanent Waves_ and 1981 the _Moving Pictures_. You can hear a little of this album in all of them. _A Farewell Kings_ is my personal favorite of these boys, and has a unique, cosmic charm to all their other albums. It is highly recommended.

  4. Zuzela says:

    While 2112 was the first Rush song I ever heard, A Farewell To Kings Rush was the first album I owned (the business is not about 2112, at the time). Sentimental it is a popular, because it is at my first progressive rock albums, but still beyond the gushiness I love this album because it is good music. For a band that critics hated, Rush was right after at this point, picked up many fans who would have been dazzled by the band's stunning musicianship, philosophical reflection usually disguised as fantasy / science-fiction stories (but not always … sometimes it was just a story), and the fact that they freakin 'rocked. A Farewell To Kings, the band produced one of the most popular songs, “Heart”, which will continue to draw the attention of the classic rock radio stations throughout the city. I do not know too many superlatives, but I must say that this is the best song EVER under three minutes. The socially conscious title track squeezes a lot of “progress” in a 5-minute song. The highlights of this album are the fascinating “Xanadu” and the Rockin 'adventures in space known as “Cygnus X-1, Book I” Even if the latter is best appreciated as a forerunner of the phenomenal “Hemispheres”, it is a great song even on its own. The first movement is threatening, the second is catchy and exciting, and the third is a crazy rhythmic attack emphasize Lee's screaming vocals. And finally, like most of the work of Rush, that's really not sound at all, despite the release in the late 70s. Timeless music is good music! Critics [stink]. Rush rules. Or something. But I'm pretty sure I'm right.

  5. Umika says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Pure Rush at their finest
    A Farewell To Kings is Rush in their purest form. This album has it all. Great guitar, great keyboards, great synthesizers, great percussion, and great vocals.

  6. Irene says:

    In the world of classical RUSH, this is a paradise (Xanadu, or if you like). RUSH fifth studio version is a further branching of the complex progressive sound experiments with heavily before 2 (or 3) albums. They may sound the furious intensity of the 2112 in favor of more layering and color with 6 unique and very far from classics. This is the album that if I just always a big fan and go to the first of 4 concerts. I had just purchased all over the world is a stage a few months before and I knew that this band would be huge. 2112 was so great that it seemed hard to beat, but that has run on the next stage (sort of). Closer to the heart shows the aspiring genius Hörspiel in later albums starting Permanent Waves … close and structured shorter songs with storytelling focus (it has always been a big radio hit). Cinderella Man shows the reflective and sensitive (Artist's dilemma) issue plays with the usual intensity RUSH – the lead guitar is power-Wah sky, Geddy's bass carries everything melodically higher (large concert song) – Cinderella Man sounds good to me , manic depressive or not. Peart, by the way, has become a higher ground with this album. Creative approaches and incredible mind-bending technology and power are everywhere (his drum kit is the envy of the western world up to that date). One million young men from the cupboard to emulate Neil Peart drums, you could see them playing air drums were everywhere. The title song is one of my favorites, mixing a bit of classical medieval feeling with steep cliffs on a labyrinthine political fable. Also, the lyrical and poetic writing, take this album to the top of my list, of course, the musicianship here is RUSH on Fire (maybe that what the earth on the cover). Speaking of that Xanadu is another beautiful epic RUSH classic along the lines of 2112, that was always one of my favorites. Mind Candy that you are too far away lands and adventures (from Kubla Khan on Ice). Xanadu is one of the elaborately decorated RUSH songs, this is a good thing. Part one (or a book – book is in two Hemispheres) from Cygnus X-1 (the Space Odyssey) clearly your eyes on a ship traveling through a black hole with electric space dust flying everywhere, echoing in the form of power chords and Bass thumpings that knock its axis the planet … swirling in a different dimension. Every song is great and let the music world (and other doubters that thought was a RUSH FAD) know that you are not a few good ghost who – RUSH Means Business, IT … Kings farewell … a paradigm shift, the waste in the world to (the). RUSH Thanks for rockin 'my world all these years … three persons never been so good and so powerful … ENJOY!

  7. Liluye says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Love RUSH
    Excellent Rush album, as always. In BRAND NEW condition, great price, quick service. Thank you.

  8. Umika says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Inconsistent, but worth getting if you like progressive rock
    This is the record where Rush officially became a progressive rock band. And of all the Rush albums I have, this one has to be the least consistent, albeit not the least…

  9. Yul says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This underrated album is also Rush’s Best.
    The title of this album says it all. In this album, Rush finally manages to finally distance themselves from their blatant Led Zeppelin roots heard in previous albums.

  10. Gambhiri says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This is not only one of Rush’s best albums, but one of the greatest progressive rock albums of all time.

  11. Cagney says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Rush CD
    It’s a Rush cd. What else needs to be said. Excellent vocal and music. Perfect for driving or just listening to.

  12. Deon says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The best of Rush, and the best of classic rock
    Rush is now on the uprising of their goodness and talent. 2112 was incredible, but what next? Of course they break the boundaries with a mix of good classic sounds and hard…

  13. Ryland says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A great progressive rock album
    This album is often overlooked, even though it contains some of the best Rush classics–Closer to the Heart, and Xanadu.

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