Sammy Hagar – Heavy Metal (w/ Taarna in Stereo)

To enable STEREO click HQ or click click here: S. Hagar, J. Peterik) Head bangers in leather Sparks fly in the dead of the night It all comes together When they shoot out the lights 50000 watts of power And it’s pushin’ overload The beast is ready to devour All the metal they can hold Reachin’ overload Start to explode Chorus: It’s your one way ticket to midnight Call it Heavy Metal Higher than high, feelin’ just right Call it Heavy Metal Desperation on a red line Call it …

25 responses to “Sammy Hagar – Heavy Metal (w/ Taarna in Stereo)”

  1. seth454 says:

    curse your rockin’ tits

  2. commando411512 says:

    Sammy Hagar kicks ass!!! It’s a fucking true spirit of a Heavy Metal in this song!

  3. MystSilverDragon says:

    aye it is :) )

  4. EvilSkooma says:

    so the name of this movie is Heavy Metal? where can i download it? I want to watch with friends while drinking beer! :D

  5. deandimeML says:

    i got my guitar signed by this guy i love this song

  6. Shwiggykun says:

    Must. watch!

  7. lockstockn2barrels says:

    rawr o_o \m/

  8. JawsJaws says:

    One of my favorite songs

  9. Grimreaperheadbangin says:


  10. TheHippieDude says:

    Call it Heavy Metal noise!!

  11. donottawaguitar says:

    80s riffs donottawaguitar

  12. Brandt761 says:

    Sammy Hagar? Cool. Makes me wish I could play the guitar…

  13. CodeGeasser says:

    major boobage

  14. Oriphym says:

    What about the rest of us who only knew of this song because of the Heavy Metal movie?

    When you’re a kid in the nineties and your parents are dumb enough to buy you that movie because they think animated = kids movie, your life changes forever.

  15. KyoLockett says:

    i like the south park version better lol

  16. guitarguy5 says:


  17. iamzim662 says:


  18. BAKERS8BRDS says:

    Its the same

  19. dextertheninja says:

    i love this video. Even though I was too young to see it when it came out, after seeing it, there may be hope for the world.

  20. MaliciousMillz says:

    Well south park parodied it xD

  21. twiggypeerzingz says:

    this movie looks WAY more awesome than the cheap parody south park did. unfortunately i’ve never seen it.

  22. seriouskunk says:

    haha nice


    the whole thing is on youtube thtas where i watched it. its awesome btw smoke a joint first i recommend lol

  24. cfaxdu says:

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