Scrap Metal Rock Band — Epk

A video feature story on all-star celebrity rock band, SCRAP METAL produced by Liz Motley.

SCRAP METAL is an entire group of top hitmakers – multiplatinum Artists from the 80s and 90s who are the …

10 responses to “Scrap Metal Rock Band — Epk”

  1. Acekicken says:

    When you guy’s coming to Buffalo???

  2. Monica1C3 says:

    “Scrap Metal, I Believe In You!” (Giant – Believer)

  3. Curlywashere says:

    Eric Martin has an amazing voice!


    I have been a friend on their myspace since they got together.You never knew which 80’s hair metal singer will join them!Thanks guys You ROCK!

  5. hondafaith says:

    i fucking hope you are joking

  6. GregSolomonJr says:

    booooooo!!!!!!!!booooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. neveronyx says:


  8. dougeroonie says:

    TOoooo Damn funny ROFL

  9. ThunderMetalHead says:

    this is realy realy spaciel whats the name of the twins?

  10. peteybug76 says:

    Matthew and Gunner Nelson

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