Should I Quit My Job And Start A Christian Death Metal Band?

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  1. Tell Jake His Crafts Are Ready says:

    Heh, assuming you are serious, I would suggest you start the band part-time as a hobby and keep your job. I have a friend who teaches guitar for a living and has a music degree, and he tells me that music is like sports in that there are tons of talented people who are good at it, but very few who can make a living.
    Even so, life is short and I’d go for what you love. Just have a parachute when you jump out of that airplane. :)

  2. Amanda says:

    No! if you are in fact wishing to to glorfy god though music do not use the music of the devil!!
    “Death Metal” is evil not just because of the lyrics but also the instruments (how they are used, music is supost to be up lifting not angery).
    You cannot use evil for good.
    I’d advise you to read your bible(KJV is best) and pray on what to due with your life.

  3. shadowkn says:

    before you do you need to ask yourself these questions.
    1.) are you called?
    2.) do you have dependents, a wife, children? if so make sure you are being a good steward of your family.
    3.) is there a need? does the community you are playing for need to hear the word of Christ?
    4.) Are you doing this for God or yourself?
    if you know in your heart that you have the correct answer to these questions, I say do it. I’ll buy the first CD

  4. Serj Tankian says:

    No, please don’t, if only to save the world from what will undoubtably be another excuse for a metal band.

  5. Amnesiac says:

    maybe you should start a band while you still have a job cos then if the band doesnt work out you still have a job :)

  6. Abbie says:


  7. Jordan says:

    sure, that’s exactly what i’d do, in fact i actually hope to do that one day. go for it.

  8. Zangoose says:

    Actually, I think you should quit your job and start a regular Death Metal Band.

  9. Roxel says:

    yes and you could name the band ripping christ’s entrails, your band would rock with that name

  10. Countess Bathory says:

    Then you could tour with Deicide. You would be roomies with Glen Benton. See how that works out.

  11. Rocco G says:


  12. ♫Mackenz says:

    Christian Death Metal? Sounds like an oxymoron to me!

  13. Wild Sage says:

    No. Keep your job. Do the band in your spare time.

  14. PJ says:

    No … keep the job and form the band slowly. Just advice from my own experience.

  15. Cpt Crash says:

    Quit your job and join a cult. Sell me some flowers at the airport.

  16. Rev. Dr. Al Poe says:


  17. alty_9 says:

    Sure dude that sounds like a great idea.

  18. Justin A says:

    well… start it on the side
    don’t quit ur job tho haha.

  19. Viper151 says:

    I dont think that would be a very good idea!

  20. Lady Bug says:


  21. Dolla says:

    follow your dreams but still keep reality in the picture!

  22. Sydney T says:

    rock ON!!!

  23. Brazenhe says:

    go for it!

  24. Deiontre W says:

    are you a retard ?

  25. lino_rhi says:

    yeah ?

  26. Sexy Eskimo ;] says:


  27. PBJ says:

    dont quit ur job till u get signed

  28. technobreath says:

    Amanda is saying:
    “I’d advise you to read your bible(KJV is best) and pray on what to due with your life.”

    I say, a bunch load of crap. I advise her to read her own bible, and then come back with her human laws that kills all enthusiasm within the christian community. Her kind is present in every christian community, and they are all afraid of new things, and they often judge before they see.

    ““Death Metal” is evil not just because of the lyrics but also the instruments (how they are used, music is supost to be up lifting not angery).”

    This is also bullshit. You shouldn’t listen to people like this ever in any era of your lifes. They will destroy your mind and will make you go feel bad for every bad thing you do all the time. Focus on what good you can do, not all the bad stuff you don’t get rid of anyway.

    And here is an absolute. NO music can ever be judged evil or bad because of the way they use the instruments. I would agree, if the lyrics is bad, you probably don’t have that much good out of listening to it. And Amanda should know – some people like this and some people like that. Certain people can find it uplifting and relaxing listening to what you call “angry” music. So please do shut up and turn your own life around before you find yourself without friends and without god because of your judgements. God does not judge us who have accepted Jesus, because all he sees is Him, cleared from all sin. So don’t come talking about angry music from the devil, amanda, because the devil did not make music, but he has surely convinced you that he did, and that is where you should start with yourself – open yourself up for all the good things of God, and you will slowly start to change for the better.

    If you read your bible, jesus tells us, you should go everywhere with the gospel and reach all people, and when doing that you should eat what they eat, drink what they drink etc. in modern words, blend in and be their friends, then you can begin speak of the gospek – NOT the comming judgement, but the saving from it.

    If you want to share God, you start with the salvation and the gospel. This is perfectly formed and written as the story people need to hear. If they decide to noe listen to you at that time, the bible also tells you what to do, but you will have to find out yourself. God may touch them later in life because of your visit, because the same thing goes for all people – God’s word does not return void.

    So stop judging this music, because God isn’t! It is what is in your heart that he really sees, and it may be blacker than the deepest dungeon, but if you let him, he can change every man to the better.

  29. Shedeep says:

    Its always safe, dont quit ur job till u get signed

  30. A.R. says:

    First of all, I would never advise anyone to abandon income. You are not thinking straight. What your are suggesting is a total oxymoron you moron…why do you think it’s called “death metal”? Either you form a death metal band or you form a christian rock band – in either case, don’t quit your day job cause you’ll have to pawn your ass for gas, pawn your ass to pay rent, pawn your ass again cause your amp blew and need a new one….I could go on but your ass would shred to pieces.
    In case you’re really deaf, dumb and blind and haven’t figured it out yet – it’s 2010 and thinking you’re going to get signed?!!??! TO WHAT?!?? Record labels are almost extinct like dinosaurs and yeah like they really want to sign christian bands!??!
    This brings me to my next point (which is the reason I suggest you get your head examined) you really think that your going to make a living and become famous? Oh no wait, you’re going to tell me that your going to convert the masses with your message right? The problem is, nobody is going to understand a word with all the barking (yep, death metal singers bark, screamm, squeal and no one has a clue what’s said) going on. Wake up, smell the coffee, get your head out of your ass and keep working so you can buy a home studio and do what you want but remember that to be a follower and lover of Jesus Christ is to love life and to live forever in HIS salvation through redemption – death never enters the equation. Never associate yourself with death in any way shape or form.
    To end this – there is nothing wrong with following your dreams – but remember – your dreams should not be confused with God’s calling. Be careful what comes out of your mouth. If you want to be a famous, “rich” (ha) musician, then cool – go for it, but remember if that spotlight is on you, God doesn’t share his glory with anyone.

  31. Dodge says:

    Are you for real? All the best bands are affiliated with Satan, so I am not certain why you’d take a chance on Jesus Christ.

    Although Jesus has competed pretty heavily in the metal business for awhile, in all honesty I just haven’t seen him do anything I’d buy or listen to. Christian Death Metal by and large is very formulaic, and tends to avoid the subject matter that death metal is known for.

    You might consider Satanism as an alternative. At first, when I experienced my fall from Grace and I realized all I had lost, I wept bitter tears…my unholy transformation frightened me, and my new dark feelings were horrifying to my human mind and soul. But the corruption of the Dark Lord became one with me, and instead of hating what I had become, I accepted it, no longer able to even be aware of why I should not want such dark and evil corruption in the first place.

    So, in case that was confusing, I accepted my transformation into some kind of slutty wicked woman or demon or witch or whatever, in case you weren’t keeping up.

    But then I got awesome super-powers…eye-liner, black nail polish, and yellow contact lenses. Then I discovered that I could play death metal, even though I had no formal training! And I could sing like a banshee!

    I denied Christ, and we’ve been playing local biker bars ever since. I’ve never looked back.

    So, if you really want to do Death Metal, you need to go with Satan on this one. You really do. Christ is ok if you want to do contemporary gospel or something, but if you really want to wail, get in league with the Devil. Ave Satanas!

    Darkest Blessings.

  32. josh says:

    R u guys really stupid job for a cowboy is a death metal band but the members r christian and for the most part its not called “christian death metal” its called white metal or unblack metal ex: immpending doom(u.s), with blood comes cleansing, thousand times repent, as i lay dying, mychildren mybride, xDeathstarx, demon hunter, and august burns red. death metal is not satanic, surprsingly enough alot of members in death metal bands r christian or catholic, also if u want metal that is satanic then search the genre black metal. Truth is that there r alot more christian bands in the death metal genre and the metalcore and death core genres as well so stop saying ” oh death metal is satanic” because its not black metal is thats why its called black metal. Also if a person or a band wants to speak there religion through a type of music that they like u should let them. Im a teenager and i have more common sense than u people, and all the bands i listen to r christian and most of them r in the “christian death metal genre”. OH and one more thing, just because u r some relgion freak(dont get me wrong im not an atheist im a full-blown christian) doesnt mean that u need to talk trash on death metal bands saying “have fun worshipping the devil” cause you dont know the people and who they r, and just because the style of music started with a satanic band called venom doesnt mean all bands in the death metal genre r satanic. i did my research and looks like most of u didnt so do u research everytime u post something other wise your going to look ignorant and stupid.

  33. gianna says:

    I think Amanda is sooo full of crap. some christians are more evil than most metalheads that I know. they´re the worst kind of evil cause they´re really hipocryte, so dont go ´round judging people by what kind of music they like. she can stick her bible up where the sun dont shine.
    and to those of you out there who love music: ROCK ON!

  34. Ehsan E$kimo says:

    am a teenager from Iran out of your mind . in iran everything is islamic and i am a moslem a real moslem
    that everydays says his pray .(sorry about bad dictation) i just want find information about band in flames
    i didn’t know satan is very ralated to metal music and before that i really want to have my band a islamic melodic death metal but after this i should go and listen these bullshits like justin bieber. one of you said christ cannot do anything but satan can so why are you like that ? diden’t you know satan is a craetor of god then god can control it.(i cannot write english better than it) . i love the way you got iknow god will help you . and i will be one of your fans .we cannot talk about god’s power because its great and for satanic person if i see any of them in the street i let a bullet clean him/her from earth . i sacrafice myself
    for god and his prophets all in all am a moslem but ilove christian too. satan will go to hell and it takes all of his friends to hell do not worry?!!

  35. Peter Parker says:

    Hell yeah you should! Sing about how god is great and Jesus died for your sins and so forth. Of course when yo die and find out the true god is Odin and not Jehovah you might be a little disappointed but hey, live and learn. Or in this case die and learn. Or something.

  36. Scott says:

    Yes. Absolutely. If you think God is calling you to start a Christian death metal band, go for it. Give it everything you have. And remember that no matter what happens to your band, you have followed God’s calling and He will make “all things work together for good” (Romans 8:28)

  37. Robert says:

    Wow… I didn’t read everything posted, but every time I stopped scrolling down I saw something stupid.

    “Death Metal” is a gimmick. Pure and simple. Not the genre, the name. It was named thus to draw in a certain demographic. It’s all about the dollar signs, or as in the case of it’s origin, the Krondor.

    Amanda, you win the award for being the most retarded poster on this thread. That’s saying a lot considering the number of single word responses. Thank you for parroting what others have told you. It’s nice that you have beliefs. It’s becoming increasingly rare in modern culture for people to either have them or to admit them in public. I’m not bashing you for having any religious beliefs, but for not thinking for yourself. Do you honestly believe that any genre of music could be evil? It’s entirely a neutral concept.

    And Amanda, assuming that what lifts you up will lift everyone up is also retarded. I’ve heard a lot of BS that passes for music, and I’ve got to say, it angers me. Going off of your logic, the stuff that you listen to is evil. It doesn’t lift me up, it makes me feel homicidal. Yes, I do want to strangle people with piano wire every time I hear Amy Grant or whatever bs is being passed off to the baby boomer bible thumpers as real music. What calms me out of this blood rage you may be asking yourself? Gimme some metal and I’m good. So by your logic, in this case, Slipknot is an instrument of God’s work and contemporary christian music is the work of the devil. Congratulations, you devil worshiper. See? Your logic is fundamentally flawed.

    Ok, to the OP. Do what ever the hell you want with your life. When it comes down to it, you answer to yourself. You have to live with the consequences of your actions. If you win you win, if you fail you fail. Weigh the options and realize that with as many bands as there are out there, your chances of hitting the big time are roughly nil. But hey, even trailer trash in South Dakota win the powerball right? You might just luck out. Or your could flop and loose everything you’ve worked for in your life to this point.

    But I’m betting this was a smart ass thread that you created cause you were bored.

  38. Jake says:

    Amanda at the top can just suck a dick HAIL SATAN!!! death metal is just music there are christian death metal bands just look up Demon Hunter they are a christian death metal band you dumbass little bitch hahahahahahaha

  39. Ur Mom says:

    No if you want to join a Christian Death Metal band then you have to sing about Christ right? So, take lines from the bible and scream them! I’m just saying that that’s the right thing to do in a Christian Death Metal band. I’d listen to you if you became famous.

  40. BritishGuy1375 says:

    Christian Death Metal sounds like an interesting contradiction. Ur Mom, I agree! We should totally start a Christian Death Metal Band! However, I do think that Jake needs some help.

  41. Nick says:

    Nah fuck that, so called “christain” death metal bands ruin the death metal seans! death metal is music made to glorfy satan and all his great work he does in music. Use death metal for what its suppose to be used for! TO GLOFY SATAN!

  42. Meaty says:

    lol christian death metal bands :p

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