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If you own a own website you are probably always searching for easy ways to get attention online and therefore push new visitors to your site. On this page I will introduce two free services to you that worked great for my own site: The Link Vault Network and the Coop Ad Network. Both automate the process of exchanging links with related sites but for a detailled review of both just read further below.

Link Vault Network

The principle of the link vault network is easy: You provide a little bit of space on your page on which links to other sites are automatically placed over time. In exchange your own links get placed on the other sites in the network. The whole process is a fair trade. That means everyone gets exactly as much back as he has put (in the form of links) in the network.

For the network to work on your sites your server must either support PHP or ASP and your site will be validated by a human being to ensure only quality sites get in. After you signed up there will be a detailled explanation on how to set up Link Vault on your website.

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Coop Advertising Network

The Digitalpoint Coop Ad Network works nearly the same way as the Link Vault Network: You place links on your site and get back links from other sites in exchange. Even the setup steps are nearly similar to Link Vault. The difference is however that the links are added instantly here (that means you will see an effect much faster) and that the Coop Ad Network also supports text and graphic banners besides text links.

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