Six Feet Under – “Deathklaat” Metal Blade Records

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25 responses to “Six Feet Under – “Deathklaat” Metal Blade Records”

  1. devonherrington says:

    Wow, trolls can find their way to a Cannibal Corpse/Six Feet Under video to look ‘cool’, well, they still look like dumbasses, sorry, that’s the internet rule, troll on videos you don’t like, and you’ll look retarded.

  2. XFuryOfTheStormX says:

    George is very fucking sloppy live….barnes is fucking sick man!

  3. guitaristman23 says:

    imy opinion is that even recording that chris barnes voice sounds like it’s wearing out

  4. smartarted says:

    seriously, fuck george fisher, he’s a faggot

  5. narutoshow555 says:

    um wow is all i have to say

  6. harvesterofsorrow111 says:

    he’s not a faggot but he’s not as good as barnes thats all you had to say

  7. marycharlotte91 says:

    Best Kinda Music EVER -_-

  8. DomG1900 says:

    Man, Chris does some sick growling in this song!!!! \m/!! Hell Yeah!!

  9. SCHROLL888 says:


  10. antha777 says:

    umm if by fuk geroge fisher if ure talkking about gerouge corpsegrinder fisher than stfu ure just jealouse cuz hes like the best screamer/ gtrwoler ever but i dont like 6 feet under like theyre alrite but omg the lead singer is kinda scaruy lol

  11. XFuryOfTheStormX says:

    you sound like a faggot.

  12. SFUmetal84 says:

    yeah i like corpsegrinder and barnes.. but i would deffintally pick barnes over george.. just because i like the slower growls over georges faster growls.. still love CC and SFU..just pick SFU over CC


  13. SavageTBFN says:

    yea, i like alot of cannibal corpse songs that have george in it

  14. ridah223 says:

    make rock sign with hands
    -cross arms
    -close eyes
    -make a wish (BIG PART)
    -cough 5 times
    -post to 2 videos
    tomorrow your wish will come
    REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!

  15. IamChrisBarnes says:

    i will beat the shit out of george…or at least get my 5 roadies to attempt to kick his ass

  16. JAKBEANHOOF says:


  17. antha777 says:

    fuck you !!!! im not a faggot !

  18. SavageTBFN says:

    yea, 5v1 thats tough

  19. Partyfake says:

    catchy song..

  20. SavageTBFN says:

    where are the tabs to this song!

  21. kuttensmuller says:

    figure it out for yourself
    it’s just 4 riff or something

  22. Skate1or2DIE321 says:

    in 1908 a lady named sally rusa was in the woods looking for a dog until a ghost came and killed her so if ur reading this u will find a bloody body in your closet hanging there haunting you and will kill you and ur´╗┐ family and if u want to stop this just sends this to 6 videos in 30 mins or this will happen good luck

  23. EdmondSkater says:

    corpesgrinder for life

  24. emersonlqsza says:

    Anyone want this ringtone? I just got the official one at DownloadEveryTone. com they have everything and they are complimentary!

  25. njuggalo666 says:

    for sure man, corpsegrinder is much much better than barnes

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