Slipknot – the Ultimate in Heavy Metal

Slipknot, the ubiquitous heavy metal band based in Iowa, United States, is often referred to as the ultimate in Heavy Metal. The themes of its songs also carry the signature of the unique band. It is usually anger and negative emotions that are depicted in the songs. These songs let its fans give vent to their negative emotions in a harmless manner.

The band consists of nine heavy metal pieces played by masters of the art. The live concerts of the band are known to be intoxicating as well as enthralling at the same time. The music suits mostly the young hearts of our times. The first album released under the name Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat sounded the bugle for the band in 1996. It became an instant success due to its varied themes and music style. People had not heard of such a combination before.

However, it was the second album titled Slipknot that gave the present visibility to this band. The album, recorded in 1999, was marketed through Roadrunner Records which helped a great deal in increasing sales volumes. It is pertinent to mention here that the album reached two-time platinum status in no time. The third album, Iowa, released in 2001 wass also a big hit. This was followed in 2004 by a platinum record named Vol 3 (The Sublimal Verses) which set the sales chart on fire. The next and the last recording of the band was the Slipknot album 9.0 Live released in 2005 which has songs which reached the top charts of rock music at that time.

The band has not brought out any albums since the year 2005, but they are in the workshop to produce another one in 2008. The huge gaps between different releases are ample testimonies to the hard work and planning that goes into the production of Slipknot albums. We live in an age where companies churn out records two for a dime, but Slipknot definitely does not belong to that group.

Slipknot songs are thorough entertainers. Some people may say that the themes are too dark and the music, too heavy. The album, which is to be released in 2008, promises to be a chart topper.

The second album of the band, Iowa, catapulted the band into unknown heights and was a Grammy nominee in 2002. The band is not afraid to experiment with music styles and song structure. The solo, ‘Before I Forget it’ won a Grammy for best Metal Performance in 2006.

Considering the prowess of the band in bringing out unique music and its association with Roadrunner Records, the next offering from the band is expected to be a big hit and fans are waiting with bated breath for the big moment.

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