Start/join A Metal Band? Or Info On It?

Im looking to join or start a metal band. Any kind of metal actually. Just tell me what bands you like. I play guitar. I am looking to be rhythm guitar mostly because i dont think im all GREAT at playing solos.
Im 14 so i dont wanna get with people who are like 30 or something.
And if it matters for some reason, im a dude.
So people around my age please?
And the most important part…
I live in Live Oak, Texas which is a part in the northeast side of San Antonio, Texas so i need people who live close or can drive here or get rides for us to jam somewhere.
And if you have any info on joining or making bands and all of that then please share.

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  1. mauricio says:

    Since you want to play rhythm, why don’t you do that and vocals. Then all you need is a lead guitarist, bassist and a drummer.
    Remember- People like great vocals(duh), songs longer than 4 minutes, and solos. Well at least I do.
    Why don’t you guys go thrash like Metallica?…
    And find a lead guitarist that has experienced. Don’t choose one that can only solo fast. Get one that has great technique and can throw in hammer ons and pulloffs, sweeping, etc.. That’s what people want in REAL music.

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