Strong Bad Email: Death Metal

Strong Bad describes what is and isn’t death metal.

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  1. Deathwish238 says:

    Didn’t know that, but Black Metal is very different than Death Metal.

    Black Metal deals with anti-christianity, satanism, the devil, etc

    Death Metal deals with dark concepts like death, gore, the end of the world. It can talk about antireligious things, but it’s usually not specifically antichristian the way black metal is.

    So maybe Black Metal is just more serious than Death Metal?

  2. noximputesta says:

    Not all Black Metal is serious.

    Norwegian Black Metal is serious about its messages of Anti-Christianity.

    From a historical point of view, the Norwegians and Viking ancestors did not choose Christianity… it was forced upon them. So they retaliate by actually burning down every existence of the religion.

    Not all are satanists… they just don’t like Christianity… they’d probably rather follow a religion their ancestors followed.

  3. Bakazuraz says:

    Woot, Death Metal ftw!

    “Creeping, rusty, meat. Truly the heart and soul of all death metal.”

    Lol, it’s soo true what he says about death metal. Gotta be Nordic, sing from the bowels, and the d-e words always work out the best… makes me think of the Kalmah song “Defeat,” fits all three :D

  4. Dozoy says:

    Heh, reminds me of a certain Tool video…

  5. GiDaOne says:

    “The gift of death metal does not smile on the good-looking.” :D

  6. Riper999 says:

    extracurriculariffic! lol

  7. Soadrules1589 says:

    yah, we are tarantula! lolz

  8. velocigecko says:

    They got the the video really wrong, it still rocked, but where was the growl?

  9. deathbanana888 says:

    lets re-cap. ugly. nordic. bowels. d-e words. and dont forget to hunch up on yourself holding mystical orbs in each hand!

  10. TheRagefan99 says:

    Heavy metal is awsome.strong bad is awsome.put them together and you get the best strong bad video ever!!!

  11. 5thMARVEL93 says:

    hahaha i live in sepulveda

  12. elianpz says:

    wtf the meat part

  13. jynnen says:

    Hot-glue some corn flakes to your face xD

  14. lordiisawsome23 says:

    i wish i lived in strongbadia strong bad foreever

  15. MetalGearNaked says:

    Haha, I’m a big death metal fan and metal fan in general, and this is still funny.

    Espically the part with the “Creeping…Rusty…Meat…”

    P.S. I wonder what the Death metal community thinks of this.

  16. MetalGearNaked says:

    If I find out Chris Barnes’s Email I’ll send this to him.

  17. MetalGearNaked says:

    Lolz you dont know and you like Death Metal?

    He’s the former singer of Cannibal Corpse…

  18. Da3retodz says:

    NOT SPAM!!

  19. opti95 says:

    that meat video at the end looks like a tool video

  20. joeshmoe011 says:

    does look like a tool vid!

  21. Wilkins777 says:

    Hahaha! I dig this man

  22. Zeepolian says:


  23. Zeepolian says:

    actually, there are no schools in Corvallis with death metal bands

  24. wakawakapacman567 says:

    strong bad u rox man!!!!! =)

  25. ZackWoodward says:


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