The 10 most ridiculous Black Metal videos

Funny, very funny, pandas dancing and making stupid noises hahaha

25 responses to “The 10 most ridiculous Black Metal videos”

  1. HelenBlond90 says:

    4:50 XDXD
    this vid is meant to cheer me up when I’m sad :)

  2. nonopdog says:

    black metal is a piece of cheat

  3. lapatadecacho says:

    jaja se nota qe estan al pedo y van a filmar al bosqe alguna pelotudez qe juusto coincidia con la cancion

  4. longboat66613 says:


  5. DerEngelausWalsum says:

    Livores-Black metal from Germania

  6. meh138 says:

    i just got back from a trip to norway with my wife. we took a walk in the woods and a few kids in make up were shooting a “music video”. sad part: im not kidding.

  7. hell1355 says:

    how do people class this as music i think ill just stick 2 megadeth and lamb of god

  8. darylmontes555 says:

    better than what they do here in the usa…

  9. Mashado says:

    very entertaining video. i love the immortal – call of the wintermoon one

  10. pantera98 says:

    One good reason for black metal videos = pure comdedic value…

    as much as i love black metal, its true, some of it is fucking ridiculous!

  11. qazmaxqaz says:

    yeah but try to do a nice clip on meth…

  12. ducati5758 says:

    The first band sucks so bad

  13. striketeamstudios says:


  14. sansanana says:

    They all sound the same and the videos are pretty much all in the woods, how can anyone differentiate between the bands?

  15. ceesaar50 says:

    1:06 – 1:09 what the fuck?? hahahahah

  16. bananaman1jovan says:

    its just a bunch of assholes in make up running around in the woods

  17. HeinrichJamslather says:

    This makes LARPing look cool.

  18. jhoug24 says:

    panzies lol

  19. 7zevra7 says:

    Nice video!
    If you like DBM I advise you to see the video : The Foetal Mind – Suicide Solution, in my video!

  20. Controcazzi says:

    I can’t disagree

  21. Alu200 says:

    What the fuck Mother North is doing here?
    It’s the best black metal video ever grabed!

  22. PaganDeath says:

    Mother North is one of the best songs and videos in black metal scene. stupid.

  23. rediscoverySX says:

    You fucking blasphemer bastard, MOTHER NORTH FUCKING RULES

  24. annojjingthing says:

    I hate the lyrics in Black metal songs. They are all (almost) about satan and death. I dont like black metal . ^^ But dont mind the people who does

  25. bevvansteve says:

    This is so funny. Are woods evil one might ask… The idiots in the videos seems to be really afraid of them anyway.

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