The 10 Worst Metal Bands To Start Out Listening To!! (apparently)


-I DO like a few of these bands
- I don’t think any of these bands are “bad”
- i believe a true metal fan respects all types of metal wethe…

10 responses to “The 10 Worst Metal Bands To Start Out Listening To!! (apparently)”

  1. tyronebear69 says:

    I really have no idea what this kid is saying with all the fucking little pop up things in the video just make a new one stating what you’re really trying to sayim actually interested if you care to shed a better light on this video – Please don’t argue the above point as i will pw you so badly at arguing. but really was this needed cause dude internet arguments are like the special olympics even if you win youre still retarded

  2. PKNproductions says:

    and if anyone has any story of just randomly acquiring a taste for metal late in life without having ever been introduced to something in between pop and metal first is a poser. You’re only pretending to like metal. That or you’re a flat out liar.

  3. PKNproductions says:

    actually the best way to get the acquired taste for genres like metal is to listen to these kinds of bands that you had originally recomendedyou will never find some kid who listens to Flo Rida, make them listen to Chthonic and expect them to be like “omg this is the music i have been looking for my whole life!”unless you are exposed to these kinds of genres from an early age (parents or siblings) you will never appreciate them without being weened through more mainstream variants

  4. blackestdeath says:

    wow im impressed. one of the rare people who dont say BFMV are emo. finnaly

  5. Reden2k9 says:

    All That Remains - Become The Catalyst {:

  6. slipknotz9th says:

    what song is this?

  7. aninepointstar says:

    lol i meant i thought they were good at the time but i don’t think so now lol

  8. cronology says:

    no they dont

  9. cronology says:

    they all suck

  10. bob2theboney says:

    i could not follow

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