The Top 20 Heavy Metal Bands Of All Time

My present stance on the best heavy metal bands in the genre’s history..
I change my mind on the positions and some of the bands as much as I change my different skull patterned boxers tho..


10 responses to “The Top 20 Heavy Metal Bands Of All Time”

  1. natkobajic says:

    before 1996 m/

  2. ukmenace123 says:

    Here is my top 20 (I put thought into this instead of picking my favorites):#1. Metallica#2. AC/DC#3. Iron Maiden#4. Black Sabbath#5. Judas Priest#6. Slayer#7. Kiss#8. Dio#9. Motley Crue#10. Poison

  3. Snoobstar says:

    Isn’t s.o.a.d Heacy metal

  4. adrianheavy994 says:

    really good video you named my favorite bands is very normal for these bands are the fathers of heavy metal good hope you continue making great videos like this

  5. TheBurningOfSodom says:

    Thx. I made a thrash metal riff video which is on my channel page. Give it a once over if you haven’t and I’d appreciate your 2 cents : )

  6. yamikira111 says:

    1 iron maiden2 metallica3 megadeth4 black sabbath

  7. pumawillove says:

    Good list!!! But you forgot to put Mercyful Fate. Dude!!

  8. Toumbid says:

    see info…

  9. deenyloop says:

    Where’s the megadeth??Oh well.P.s. Iron maiden or metallica first yeaaa:)

  10. leesoady says:

    i was hoping to see Death in there somewhere… :(  they are/ were a-fucking-mazing!

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