Top 10 / Best Melodic Death Metal (melodeath) & Folk Metal Bands

High Quality…

These are the top 10 melodic death metal and folk metal bands in my opinion…


Track List:

Opening song “Mirror Mirror”(Blind Guardian) inte…

13 responses to “Top 10 / Best Melodic Death Metal (melodeath) & Folk Metal Bands”

  1. hewofwend says:

    Black dahlia shits on your bodom.

  2. ApollonianKing says:

    I want Death Metal playing at my fucking funeral, since it killed me.

  3. linus934ever says:

    -.- children of bodom is the best group melodic death metal!

  4. joonasll says:

    thous bands are best metal ever but whay no children of bodom (sorru my bad inglish)

  5. heinzelmannl says:

    good taste…but where are In Flames?!

  6. neantartal says:

    FINland FInaLand the town of rock ….. :P

  7. domisen says:

    Equlibrium is Paganmetal and not Folk^^

  8. ametal1 says:

    hey domisen, paganmetal is a subgenre of folk metal, dumbass…

  9. Neltheros says:

    Wintersun, Kalmah and Norther r not melodeath. They r extreme power metal. this is the most common mistake in these genres. Amon Amarth r one of the most good examples of melodeath representation. Google it if think im wrong.Ive searched these genres for quite a good amount of time cause i had and argument with a friend. Anyway really great taste m8 :)

  10. Catar1990 says:

    dude, this 3 bands are melodeath and “extreme power-metal” is not a real genre

  11. aaryan says:

    no children of bodom no melodic death metal c.ob forever

  12. omalley says:

    Why isn’t dissection in anyone’s list?

  13. rustinpeace says:

    no moonsorrow in the folk metal list,,, :-( ..
    the other bands are ok..but moonsorrow totally owns ensiferum..
    and i agree KALMAH is GOD

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