Top 10 / Best Melodic Death Metal (melodeath) & Folk Metal Bands

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These are the top 10 melodic death metal and folk metal bands in my opinion…


Track List:

Opening song “Mirror Mirror”(Blind Guardian) inte…

16 responses to “Top 10 / Best Melodic Death Metal (melodeath) & Folk Metal Bands”

  1. hewofwend says:

    Black dahlia shits on your bodom.

  2. ApollonianKing says:

    I want Death Metal playing at my fucking funeral, since it killed me.

  3. linus934ever says:

    -.- children of bodom is the best group melodic death metal!

  4. joonasll says:

    thous bands are best metal ever but whay no children of bodom (sorru my bad inglish)

  5. heinzelmannl says:

    good taste…but where are In Flames?!

  6. neantartal says:

    FINland FInaLand the town of rock ….. :P

  7. domisen says:

    Equlibrium is Paganmetal and not Folk^^

  8. ametal1 says:

    hey domisen, paganmetal is a subgenre of folk metal, dumbass…

  9. Neltheros says:

    Wintersun, Kalmah and Norther r not melodeath. They r extreme power metal. this is the most common mistake in these genres. Amon Amarth r one of the most good examples of melodeath representation. Google it if think im wrong.Ive searched these genres for quite a good amount of time cause i had and argument with a friend. Anyway really great taste m8 :)

  10. Catar1990 says:

    dude, this 3 bands are melodeath and “extreme power-metal” is not a real genre

  11. aaryan says:

    no children of bodom no melodic death metal c.ob forever

  12. omalley says:

    Why isn’t dissection in anyone’s list?

  13. rustinpeace says:

    no moonsorrow in the folk metal list,,, :-( ..
    the other bands are ok..but moonsorrow totally owns ensiferum..
    and i agree KALMAH is GOD

  14. Erika says:

    Fuck the genres, it’s metal, Love it! Live it! Rock it! Embrace it! don’t argue about genre titles, it’s not what the music is about!

  15. Amol says:

    There are lots of Melodic Death bands i like but the ones I LOVE as my MOST favorites are…Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Kalmah, Noumena, Before The Dawn, In flames, Children Of Bodom, Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Carcass, Dark Tranquility. But…’Eternal Tears Of Sorrow’ leaves everybody others a lot behind.

  16. Unreal Rampage says:

    And where is Dark Tranquillity?!!!

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