Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands – There is an error in the video, yes Dew-Scented is from Germany. Also, is this truly a top 10 metal Bands video? no, not really, just my fav bands at the time I made the video, if I remade it, the list would be completely different. enjoy, it’s all for fun….

28 responses to “Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands”

  1. adio56x says:

    waat song is that by insomnium

  2. neutronhomer12 says:

    If english is not your native language this is fine. However “BFMV is the best noob” are you saying that they are the best noob. Or are you trying to say they are the BEST comma noob. As in that I’m the noob. However they are not the best they’re rather annoying.

  3. JAKEdashWHITE says:

    Ok seriously where the fuck where Cannibal Corpse here they should of been number 1

  4. K7Eternal says:

    I’ll tell you where they are, NOT ON THIS LIST.

  5. ProgressiveBand09 says:

    this is not heavy metal lol !!!!

  6. LittleMoosehoof says:

    best Metal Band ever,,,,

    Praise God and Pass the Ammunition

    they only did one album by the same name…..

  7. sokoleoko99 says:


  8. WoopyJR77 says:

    Wtf? All these bands suck except for Slayer…All the singers need to shit. They should do that before they sing.

  9. ApplySomePressure54 says:

    IMO Amon Amarth & Meshuggah are the only ones on this list that actually deserve to be on it.

  10. gothman18822001 says:

    they are metal, but not really heavy like now days like Abnormality and peoples like that

  11. JakeSmaszcz says:

    Even slayer sucks. So overrated.

  12. nutterkid345 says:

    go and drink piss slayer r 1 of the 4 founders of thrash metal which is the best metal there is

  13. SmlSirius says:

    In flames is good ;)

  14. JakeSmaszcz says:

    Calm down kid. It’s the internet.

  15. bairdnn says:

    dying fetus=no 1 in my opion

  16. xthetwerpx says:

    slipknot attracts posers..simple as that

  17. cucanaaa says:

    Thrash Metal no trash…

  18. stanko66666666 says:

    1. Meshuggah
    2. Pantera
    3. everything else

  19. ThaDude888 says:

    Slipknot is overrated and listened by 10 year old little kids who want to be tough.

  20. BasRutten78 says:

    this is the worst shit ever!! i laughed my way through..all bands fuckin suck

  21. metalhead20058 says:

    were the hell is judas priest and iron maiden???

  22. FunkinSinger says:

    that is a very very ugly vidio

  23. LedZed1234 says:


  24. SharkSnacking says:

    and more^^


  25. MRDandKJD says:

    dude u should of added opeth

  26. Dead Ed says:

    Kittie has more balls.

  27. Vlad says:

    Shit, shit and shit.
    (except of in flames actually)
    others produce damn bad sounds.
    hell fuck

  28. joselyn says:

    wat i think
    1. metallica sabbathadeth
    3.iron maiden
    10.ozzy osbourne
    I LOVE METALLICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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