Top 25 Extreme Metal Band

The 25 best extreme metal bands!

Ok, for some people some bands like My Dying Bride or Arcturus are not “extreme” enought to be in this list…

MDB :…

Yes I can hea…

11 responses to “Top 25 Extreme Metal Band”

  1. okok103 says:

    was this supposed to be in order?

  2. joostkivits says:

    love cradle of filth, windir and mayhem ^^

  3. sunnythemetalhead says:

    one more q about extreme metal. is extreme metal just death and black metal or is it other stuff as well

  4. MrDylan34567 says:

    wtf what hapeened to metallica

  5. murderforcake says:

    slipknot? roflmaoyou should be asking where TBDM is

  6. sunnythemetalhead says:

    also is thrash metal considered extrmeme metal

  7. sunnythemetalhead says:

    whats the cannibal corpse song?

  8. JimmyMerol says:

    Its “i cum blood”, i think, and no, thrash isnt considered as extreme metal, but almost all extreme genres are based on it. hope this helps!

  9. spurious says:

    Arcturus is the single best band on this list.

  10. NCulto says:

    emperor at the first place??? ever heard of darkthrone or venom, bathory, etc.!?^^

  11. Xtrememetal says:


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